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Nov 15, 2022
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Monrovia, Indiana
Hi everyone. I'm Bill and I live in Monrovia, Indiana. I have a 66 Charger that I have owned for quite a few years. In fact, I have owned this car for the last 50 years. I bought it when I was a senior in high school and it was my everyday driver for years but it leads a pampered life now. I'm going to be doing a few things to it so I thought I would join to get some info on sources for hard to find parts. Plus I love reading about other peoples Mopars!

Bill G

Nice 66 Charger

welcome to FBBO from NorCal Sierras
Welcome from Illinois Bill!! That's a gorgeous Charger . . .

How Sweet It Is.jpg
Very nice looking ‘66 Charger you have there. Tell us a little more about it. And what do you have in store for it?

Greetings and welcome from NY!
Welcome Bill!

Don't know what things you could do to that great looking car to make it better but this is the best place to be to ask questions.

Welcome from Missouri!!
Wow, what a cool story! Beautiful ride for sure -- it deserves pampering and you have a lot to be proud of!

Post up a thread about those parts you need. This place is an amazing source of scores and knowledge, and I welcome you aboard. Hit me up if I can help with anything.
One thing I just started to do to my Charger is replacing the panels in the trunk. The panels in the car now are the originals and they have been abused over the years so they look bad. I don't know about everyone else but I get really frustrated with reproduction parts that don't fit and of poor quality. The replacement panel for the passengers side is too short as you can see from the pictures. The drivers side was too long but I trimmed it to fit and it looks pretty good but you can't add material so I'm stuck. Has anyone else replaced these panels and where did you get the replacements?



Welcome from Alabama, first year Chargers are cool.