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Apr 23, 2024
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Thought I would take a moment to introduce myself and my new project. My son (Mitch) and I (Jim) have spent the last 2 years looking for a project that we could do all of the remaining work ourselves. 10 Days ago I was able to find and purchase that project, a 1968 Dodge Coronet. It was a California car and most of the needed body work had been completed. It was a complete car but had been disassembled 14 years ago. It was a 318 car and has power steering, AC and only a few missing parts so far that we have noticed. Last weekend I was able to purchase and 440 and 727 trans to go in it. I haven't taken many pictures yet but I will include one I have. I am looking forward to building this car and hope I can lean on a few of you for the questions I will have. I should probably mention my parents had a 68 Coronet R/T from new up until I was 15 so I have loved these cars for decades. Most of my family retired from Chrysler so I have been around these cars my whole life.

1968 Coronet.jpg
Welcome, Jim.
This site has some great members that will go out of their way to help others. We love pictures and enthusiastic members. If you are willing to clearly state what you need, you'll get help.
The site has a few rules they put in place to make things run smoothly. If you are searching for parts, they require you to post your request in specific sections on the site. Beware of the various responses from the WTB (want to buy) ads though....some scammers look for those and respond with lies claiming to have the part or know someone that does....all in the attempt to get your money. You have a much better chance of good luck by trusting members that have been on the site a long time and have good feedback.
The site offers what is known as a Gold Membership. It costs $50 a year. This helps the site pay for upkeep and maintenance. For members, this gets you LESS ads on the screen and access to other sections on the site that regular members don't have. Your private message segment is limited to 15 messages until you opt for the GOLD, then it is much bigger, allowing you to keep more messages that may contain information you want to keep close at hand. It also allows you to post pictures between you and other members.
Good luck and again, welcome to the site.
Welcome to FBBO from NorCal Sierras

good luck with the 68 Coronet
Welcome from Alabama, 68 is the year I like best in the Dodge lineup. I have a 68 R/T and a couple of their A body cousins.
Welcome from Michigan. Love to see a father/son project happening. Enjoy and have fun.
Welcome from the central coast of Cal. I have two Coronets myself. A 65 500 and a 67 Deluxe wagon.



Welcome to FBBO from Ontario. Good luck with your father/son '68 Coronet project.
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