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new to this forum, and to forums period.


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Apr 26, 2023
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Coeur d'Alene ID
How's it going? Name is Loren, I am in north Idaho. I have never been in a forum, and am not very computer savvy, but it seems like this is a better place for good info than facebook. I have been into Mopar since driving age, so about 25 years. i have several A body cars, and several 72-93 Dodge pickups. In August I was able to buy a 69 Charger that had sat in the same spot since I was a kid. It is a 318 auto car with buckets and console. The lady parked it in 1986 with 58k miles on it, and it was unobtainable until she passed away. So far I have replaced the trunk pan, rear valance, fuel tank, fuel pump, radiator belts and hoses, and tires. I have not touched the carb, or the ignition system. I put a battery and gas down the carb when i got it, and it fired up.I drove it 25 miles to work today and it runs beautifully. I am getting parts together now to swap to disc in the front and upgrade some suspension components. Looking forward to learning anything I can here.








Welcome aboard Loren!!

You're in for a treat here. Lots of forums claim to be "the" place to be but you chose the ultimate B Body network in existence right off the starting line.

Post up some pics of your new score because we're picture hoes (the natives get uppity if they can't see it lol) and enjoy not only helping you get the most from the car but like riding along with you as well.

It sounds like the old neglected Charger is in great hands now! Hit me up if there's anything I can do to help make it your own.

Welcome to FBBO!
You indeed have chosen the ultimate Mopar B body site. Before the Ogres attack, pictures will be required. This is also the best site for any tech related questions you could possibly have. The old duffers on here have gone through anything you're going to do at least a couple hundred times. There is literally thousands of years of combined Mopar experience here, ask away.
Yeah, we get a little anxious until we see pics.
Welcome from NY.
A word of warning:
People get mad if you don't show pictures!
Welcome from Illinois!! Congrats on acquiring the Charger. Hope you'll post some photos soon to go along with that great story.
Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA. One of my good Army buddies who I went to college with was from Coeur d'Alene.
Welcome to the club. Congratulations on the recent car buy!
Being a member of a forum means that you now have a lot more information within your reach.
There are a few things that will determine your level of success.
We love pictures! It really helps tell your story. We love reading about the history of these old cars.
Offer help to tech questions if you have experience. Sometimes, the most obscure problem has been seen before and that one instance may help others here. We love to share information here.
Topics on the forum sometimes veer away from the original thought, just like in real life. It is encouraged to use the Private message/Conversation feature if the subject is WAY off point and could derail the original topic entirely.
Good grammar really helps. Nobody wants to read gibberish. We all make mistakes but reading a post with too many errors may cause some members to just click out and not offer any help.
When you post a question asking for help, be as clear and detailed as possible. We all offer up our time for free here so please understand that those that offer to help shouldn't have to dig the information out of you.
Last point to make:
Please consider patronizing the vendors that sponsor this site. For suspension and steering stuff, look at Bergman Auto Craft and PST. I have bought from both vendors. Their products and service after the sale are excellent.
Now.....let's see some pictures!
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Welcome to the site. Looks like you scored a great car, T5 copper is one of my favorite colors for 69.
Welcome to FBBO from NorCal Sierras
Welcome to FBBO from Ontario. That looks like a great 1969 Charger project. There is a lot of knowledge and help on this forum.
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