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Newbie from Germany

Welcome from Pennsylvania!

Looks like you have a super nice car. There are lots of knowledgeable people here so ask away!
Thank you.......yeah perfect. I own the Charger since 4 years and ist really a Dream come true. Funny that I didn't think of registering here sooner :p
Welcome from Pennsylvania, USA! Your Charger looks like it’s ready to pounce! :D :thumbsup:
Hello Olli!

I hope we can help out. If you have a question, type it into the search bar, you may find it has already been answered.
Welcome to the best Mopar site out there. Your car is stunning by the way.....
hey.....Zweibrücken. Some German language or cultural Highlights left ? or just memories of German Fräulein :p......and thx for your Service ;-)
I can still count numbers in German.
Can translate German words into English.
Probably can speak just enough to get by in Germany, at the banhoff, flughofen, or cities.
Can't speak the language, but enough to understand some.
Jim V.
If you ever make the drive on Highway 1 through Big Sur, I'm very close to the southern end of it.
Welcome from Alabama (USA), you make me wish I still had my 68.
I dig your avatar photo of your car. Your Charger looks bitchin' and that silver color with those dog dish cop wheels looks great.
If you ever make the drive on Highway 1 through Big Sur, I'm very close to the southern end of it.
and I'm on the north end, so stop by and say hello to both of us. I've always got some bavarian dark beer in the fridge.

Welcome from San Jose, California
wow Big Sur ,im jealous. we've been on Highway 1 and felt in Love , especially Morro Bay was just gorgeous . Thanks for the Invitation ......I appreciate
Welcome from Oregon sweet charger. I was stationed in Giessen From 2003-2007. Pretty awesome place. Dustin
Hey Dustin and thank you ......yeah Germany is not so bad, little overcrowded maybe ;-) that's why I love those open Spaces in your country........
its so beautiful there you are blessed ,living in such a gorgeous Area......thx for the Invitation , we will see if our Roadtrip is heading in your direction this Time. I really apreciate
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