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    Front door panels in very good condition. Not the slightest fade. Pretty medium blue color. These were removed from a restored 69 Coronet. Trim and clips not included. The original cardboard will need replaced due to someone not reinstalling a vapor barrier. You could easily reuse ones you have or make new ones from hardboard from Home Depot, etc. Using 3m spray adhesive.
    Im a very reputable seller on here. On here daily. I check in every couple of hours when I have something listed. Price is $150 with shipping included to continental U.S. only. First person to say they want them and I receive PayPal payment. They are yours. Please ask questions in private as I do not want to add jibberish to the add. Thank you.

    F58F735F-6F32-4FC9-BC89-2514A22CDC72.jpeg C9BA2D86-C931-4B6F-9F15-E6861F47F900.jpeg EB3A4B0B-F581-46A9-94CB-0E42DD1A120C.jpeg E15B56FF-A61F-4DF2-8CF2-AD5590D381F7.jpeg 2F9D799C-FBC7-4A68-AB7F-ACC3FDD96BFB.jpeg 2DE9A243-CAAC-4546-9843-B7192E9706A3.jpeg 25674E65-2AB7-45B0-B741-6E4975C933DF.jpeg
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