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Odd issue with transmission leaking..


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Oct 16, 2016
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This is a Hughes transmission and when I first got it it had a leak at the pump. But now the NSS switch is leaking from the center pin. WTF Is this common? Very weird why all of a sudden it would just start leaking. I resealed the transmission pan and installed a new gasket because I thought the leak was coming from there. After laying under the car for like 10 minutes I decided to unplug the NSS and wiped it clean. Then 3 seconds later a trickle from the center pin. I wiped it again to make sure it was not just something I missed. Sure as **** it was leaking from the pin. Anyone else have this issue? The NSS did not come from Hughes so they are not to blame for the leak. This was something I found at Oreillys.
Had the same problem with leaking nss and changed several. I believe it was Pnora's same advice to get an oem nss and no leaking since. It's been over a year now. Thank You again Mr. Pnora.
Also make sure it's not wet above the switch. The shift shaft seal will leak and run down the side and come off the nss and make it look like the nss is leaking. I have to change the nss on my Challenger about every 2 years. The 1 7/8 TTI headers are so close to it I think the heat is killing mine and making them leak.
I spent some time yesterday under the car and cleaned everything up with brake cleaner and dried so there was absolutely no trans fluid showing anywhere. I check it after work today and the NSS is definitely the major leak. But I have a leak on the band adjuster bolt too.

This is not the transmission just showing you what is leaking. I have the NSS ordered but trying to figure out how to seal this nut up. Thread sealer?
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Fibre washer under the nut, Loctite 567 or similar thread sealant on the adjuster threads.
I finally got the trans to stop leaking. I replaced the NSS and its all good now. There is a drip or so coming from the band adjuster but I'll deal with that later.
Yes had 3 in a row where they are crimped at the rear is crimped off centre & the o'ring leaks i always used older original used 1 these days
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