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Oil puddles on intake??


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Dec 30, 2022
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Worcester, MA 01606, USA
how do i stop the oil puddles on the intake manifold? is the oil really chasing up the threads? i have taken out the bolts in that section of the intake and use gasket sealer on the threads and still get the oil puddles, did i not do a good job with the sealer on the threads? is there a better way to stop this?

Thank you

All I ever do is clean hole and bolt with brake clean and air dry them well. Liberal coat of RTV on bolt threads and torque to spec. Let sit overnight. I have seen tired motors with lots of blow by push oil. Also how good is your crank case vent and pcv valve system?
Q: Are you seeing traces of oil on the threads when you remove them? If so better sealing could be your answer.
I had a similar oil pooling condition and it was traced to a crack in the center of the aluminum valley pan. I couldn't see until I removed the intake to look for clues.
What Engine

What Intake Manifold

What Heads

Engine rebuilt or factory original

Just valley pan tin ? Gaskets ? If so how thick and installation ?

Oil from the intake bolt threads on top the intake manifold doesn't sound typical of my experiences. Usually leaks from the valve cover. Or if from the bolts, perhaps too much crank case pressure, do you have a PVC system?
ok, i am adding pics...
here is the oil puddle, i don't think its coming out of the valve covers as there is no oil puddle in the valley between the valve cover and the intake.

Looks like a torker 340 intake

not sure what heads, can you tell from the front? the engine is supposed to be a 360, i am doing some exhaust work soon and can take a pic of the numbers on the block

yes to the PCV, here it is, PCV valve clicks nicely when shaken, not stuck, and a breather on the other side.


Thank again!!