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FOR SALE Parting 66 Coronet 500 2dr hardtop and 67 Coronet Vert

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Feb 26, 2014
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Original driver quality parts off a 66 Coronet and 67 Coronet vert
$. check and mo
10 each +S+H for small parts
650 for top frame, motor, lines, hydraulic arms and correct hardware
Original Coronet small parts and hardware lot
gas cap 13 shipped
alt gauge never installed 25 shipped
66 ac firewall grommet 8 shipped
following items are 15 each shipped
glovebox lock and screws 15 shipped
hood hing bolts, horn bolts, fender brackets lot, hood spring, chrome vert boot snaps, vent cable hold down, seat belt bolts, lock cylinder and clip, 1/4 panel letters and speed nuts, headliner bow clips
rearview mirror 45+S+HOriginal factory Coronet/b-body small parts and hardware lot
70 Charger hood release 22 shipped
coil and bracket 15 shipped
door jamb seals 20 shipped
sill extension 15 shipped
1/4 extension tail light trim 25 shipped
original gas filler tube clamps 12 shipped
air vent j hangers 13 shipped
66 ebrake light, lens and mount 12 shipped
67 reverse light mounting brackets, hardware and lens screws 25 shipped
67 hood letters, all pins intact 24 shipped
high beam switch 12 shipped
window roller 12 shipped
bumper bolts 15 shipped
67 turn signals, gaskets and pigtails 25 shipped
lock cylinder and clip 14 shipped
windshield clips 15 shipped
distributor hold down 14 shipped
66/67 Coronet door parts lot
door hinge set and factory bolts 85 shipped
door mounting plates set 18 shipped
striker w/ 3 bolts 18 shipped 2 others available not shown
door handles 22 each shipped
inside door handles 15 each shipped
door lock release 15 each shipped
door rod j hooks 8 each shipped
door lock rods long 15 each shipped
smaller rods 12 each shipped
door lock button and bezel 12 shipped
door locks with rods 26 each shipped
Original driver quality weatherstripping off 66 Coronet 2dr hardtop
25 +S+H
headliner bow set 35+S+H
e-brake assembly 20+S+H
tranny tube and stick 15+S+H
fender patch 15+S+H
center radiator support 15+S+H
left and right lug nuts 17+S+HOriginal driver quality weatherstripping off 66 Coronet 2dr hardtop
25 +S+H
headliner bow set 35+S+H
e-brake assembly 20+S+H
tranny tube and stick 15+S+H
fender patch 15+S+H
center radiator support 15+S+H
left and right lug nuts 17+S+H
Original window parts off a 66 Coronet 2dr hardtop
regulators 43 each +S+H
door window tracks w/ brace 24each +S+H
1/4 window mount 16+S+H
1/4 window mount w guide 36+S+H
smaller guides and brackets 16 each shipped
ashtray housing 22 shipped
glove box hinges and hardware 22 shipped
66 Coronet 2 dr hardtop headliner teeth set
door lock rods 15+S+H
tail light buckets with gaskets and bulb sockets 30+S+H
fender cover, ebrake pad and insulation 17 each shipped

Original driver quality 66/67 Coronet dash parts
Under dash courtesy light 18+S+H
glove box light 18+S+H
glove box liner 18+S+H
glove box latch 14 shipped
nice grille center 45+S+H
antenna radio wire 18 +S+H
arm rest bases need rechrome, 10 each +S+H
tail light lens 26 shipped
headlight switch, bezel and knob 24 shipped
wiper switch, bezel and knob 24 shipped
67 440 tail light gasket 12 shipped
window cranks 26 shipped
66 blower motor 45 +S+H
66 reverse light harness 14 shipped
66 rear bumper spacers 24 shipped
66 throttle pivot 24 shipped
66 ac wire harness 45+S+H
66 steel bumper filler pans 28 shipped
66 metal driver side inner fender cover 14 shipped
metal chrysler ac tag 12 shipped
ebrake firewall grommet 12 shipped
66 engine compartment wire harness clip 12 shipped
66 Coronet c chrome 22 shipped
certicard holder 14 shipped
66 sway bar tabs 24 shipped
66 tail light bezel 24 shipped
Parted 66 and 67 Coronet vert lot of small parts and hardware
Will sell vert pieces separately
Items are in NY
PM me here at site
photos available
Thanks for the ad
67 clamps.jpgchrome bezels.jpgcar top.jpgvert top motor.jpgvert top ds arm.jpg
misc parts lot.jpg
miror.jpgmisc parts lot 2.jpgnew door parts.jpgweatherstripping lot.jpgwindow parts lot new.jpgheadliner teeeth lot.jpggrille center parts lot.jpgharness parts lot.jpg

67 clamps.jpg

chrome bezels.jpg

car top.jpg

vert top motor.jpg

vert top ds arm.jpg

misc parts lot.jpg


misc parts lot 2.jpg

new door parts.jpg

weatherstripping lot.jpg

window parts lot new.jpg

headliner teeeth lot.jpg

grille center parts lot.jpg

harness parts lot.jpg
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1/4 and hood letters sold
On the 66 coronet Do you have the trim that goes around the front fender/headlight area. I am looking for the drivers side. Thanks.
I do not have grille surrounds
I need the exterior verticle passenger side stainless windshield molding for 67 dodge hardtop...I believe the verts will work if you have it. Thanks...Tom
Just posted a WTB add for a convertible spare tire mounting bracket for my 63 Plymouth convertible. Here is a pic of what I need. Thanks.

jims pics.png
Please give me a call. Thanks, Jim ****Use the Conversation feature for contact as per site rules
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Need top alternator bracket (adjuster) for 440 w/AC. Any chance you have one?
Interested in the rod from the door latch to the handle and the under dash courtesy light. Thanks. Brendan
Unfortunately I don't have the alternator bracket.
Do you still have the seat belt bolts?

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