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FOR SALE Parting 66 Coronet 500

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Feb 26, 2014
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Lots of small parts and hardware for a 66 Coronet 500. I do not have doors, fenders, hoods, deck lids, grille surrounds, door badges, steering columns, consoles, rocker molding, defrost vents, splash shields, rocker molding, seats.
Tail light buckets 28 plus shipping one side is missing a tab that I have
Door edge protector 10 plus shipping
Center grille support 22 + shipping
Window guides 20 each + shipping
Window guides with bracket 25 + shipping

20210104_153126.jpg 20190109_172058.jpg 20200812_150019.jpg 20181126_160225.jpg
AC resistor 25 + shipping
Factory ac vacuum lines 18 + shipping
Rear quarter window bracket 15 + shipping
Rear quarter window bracket and guide 25 + shipping
Arm rest base set front and rear + shipping
Factory rear ash trays 15 each + shipping

20210626_064221.jpg 20210626_064158.jpg 20190514_161253.jpg 20181126_191616.jpg 20190109_171104.jpg 20181126_080840.jpg 20200514_192420.jpg
Passenger side window regulator 25 + shipping
Hood spring 8 +shipping
Center grille piece mounting bracket 20 + shipping
Steering column cover missing one mounting stud 15 + shipping
Original Factory windshield 25 pickup

20210207_103830.jpg 20210103_193348.jpg 20201212_093512.png 20201212_075740.jpg 20201212_075700.png 20190128_144848.jpg
Taillight chrome 10 plus shipping
Rear window frame 20 + shipping
Door seal 8 + shipping
Quarter extension gaskets 8 + shipping
Door striker 10 plus shipping
Used gas tank 25 + shipping
Air vent 20 + shipping

20210309_110032.jpg 20201223_094159.jpg 20190515_104129.jpg 20201212_100649.jpg 20210309_110032.jpg 20201212_042146.png 20200714_211040.jpg 20190103_153001.jpg
Factory fender part 10 plus shipping
AC wire harness not sure if it works 20 + shipping
Tire cover 15 + shipping
Antenna parts 20 + shipping
Window guides 10 each + shipping

20210107_093653.jpg 20210107_093634.jpg 20181126_191242.jpg 20190810_114236.jpg 20210618_074010.jpg 20210107_093724.jpg
Plastic signal insert for the dash
5 + shipping

Interior door lock mechanisms 15 each
+ shipping
Door hinge mounting brackets 20 + shipping
Door Strikers 30 + shipping

20190415_155659.jpg 20200518_072016.jpg 20200518_072033.jpg
2 window roller brackets left
Do you still have the radiator core to k-frame brace (underneath in front)?
s-l1600 (1).jpg
I think I do, let me look and get back to you
Unfortunately I don't have fender emblems
I don't have a driver side regulator
Factory fender part 10 plus shipping
AC wire harness not sure if it works 20 + shipping
Tire cover 15 + shipping
Antenna parts 20 + shipping
Window guides 10 each + shipping

I'll take the antenna parts. Zip code is 60618. Let me know amount to pay and best way to send payment and I'll send you my shipping details. Thanks - Cyrus
Flasher 23 +shipping
Neutral cable 15 + shipping

20210914_143537.jpg 20210309_110013.jpg
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