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Peddling fender tags for big bucks

I'm taking the original tag off my coronet and putting it somewhere safe, I have a few tags from junkyard cars I saved over the years...might use a mid 70's T/C wagon tag on it just to make people scratch their heads. :lol:
Good idea! I'll do the same. Except I will make a silicone or urethane mold of my original tag and cast a replica to place on the car.
I didn't know it was a British car!

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The blotted out number above the bar code is TPL26570.

Ran the title barcode through an online resource and generated a new one:



I zoomed in and changed the white point and black point until I could read what was blotted out:



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For your humble consideration:

If selling fender tags becomes illegal, what's next? It'll be illegal to sell untitled car bodies or car parts because they have VIN stamps on them or a VIN decal in the door jamb? Illegal to sell an engine or transmission core with a VIN stamp on it? Illegal to sell a seat core because it has a build sheet crammed into it?

There is nothing illegal here, nor should there be. They are just car parts. When someone uses the info to create a titled car.... THAT is where enforcement of the law should happen. We don't need any more government regulation of the classic car hobby, and we don't need more nanny-state laws that do nothing to stop crime and make life miserable for the average citizen.
Selling a title without a car has to be illegal somewhere. Just wonder where the car is and does the owner know there is another title to his car floating around. If selling a title is legal the next step will be using a fake title to take peoples cars. That is a legal document and at the very least ebay should make him remove it.
This horse has been beat to death on every Mopar forum there is and then some. Its always "this should be illegal, this should be banned, these people should burn in hell, etc.."

This scenario is always the same, someone "builds" a car from a fender tag and makes bank on it. Well first off, you would need at a minimum a title and VIN tag (or perhaps the just the title as some states will issue a VIN tag). Big money cars (read hemi, wing, etc) generally have complete documentation provenance, etc. to prove they are what they are, so someone all a sudden popping up with some rare car with none the stamps, a state issued VIN, etc. isn't going to do all that well.

It is true that a fender tag can legitimize options on a car making it somewhat more valuable than it would be otherwise (N96, 4 spd, etc), however I would submit that if that car has what that tag says it should have then it is what it is. Unless you knew the car previously or someone else did that could accurately prove it did not come with those options that its all a wash. In other words, if the tag reflects what the car has or is then it is what it is. The VIN specifies the engine so you are not making any Hemi or 6 pack car, it also specifies the model so you are not making any RTs, TAs, AARs, etc. At the end of the day you are talking about options.

I do not see anything wrong with replacement tags and you might be surprised how many big money cars are wearing reproduction tags. I am not saying anyone added any options but then again who knows.

The fact is that this hobby has made this an issue, back in the day no one gave a **** about the tags and in most cases couldn't read them anyway. They bought and sold cars based on what they were and what you could see. No one gave 2 craps if the 4 speed poking up through the floor was there originally or not, so long as it worked and was not a hack job.

Its the money people who made the tags a big deal and the idea was developed that the tag meant something, something important so now everyone wants or needs a tag so that they are not shunned by the community. This is natural and like or not there are services to reproduce tags as it is not illegal nor should it be.

I know that hate that is coming as I have said this same thing on numerous other forums over the years and I have heard all of the arguments, none of which hold water. The point is this, if you were buying a car (or bought one) which had a tag that was correctly reflected by what was on/in the car how would you ever know that it wasn't born that way? Even if you did know or find out, so freaking what it has it now. This is why I don't do restos or any of that crap, way too much drama (doesn't mean I cannot have an opinion).
Good idea! I'll do the same. Except I will make a silicone or urethane mold of my original tag and cast a replica to place on the car.

I've thought of that as well...not sure how it would turn out though. I've wondered if 3D printing would have enough detail to do up a mock tag?
Real is real and a clone is a clone. Nothing wrong with a clone but only one is ever real.
I’ve seen so many “real” cars that are nothing more than a VIN on 75% 2 year old Asian sheet metal. But yeah… the VIN says it’s “real”. An original USA Chrysler built car that is cloned is more real to me.
I agree with you but at least it starts out as real. 75 per cent asian metal, different motor, different trans. Real can be an illusion but it started as real. Not hanging a vin tag on something that never was.
Update! Here's my fender tag mold and fiberglass copy. It copied ok, but it copied all the dents and other imperfections. LOL. This will go on my car while the original is stored in my safe.
The tag seller charges 25 bucks 'economy' shipping? Ship it in a dang mailer for 2 bucks or so.