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Pics from Back in the Day

I thought the bike might have non factory panels. I'm not sure I can make out a third pipe, though.
That would be what? a K-1? IMO the factory panels look better.

I'd bet money the white car is a mazda.

...and I'd also bet money the red car is a mercury.

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You may well be right on the japcar, tho Im pretty sure its a 72-3 tojo corolla E20 series. C pillar doesnt look right for a Mazda to me. Sure won't pull pistols over it. :) :) I grew to hate tojos more than the other jap cars over these corollas; see, tojo in their infinite wisdom named three different series of cars 'corolla' and had 3 different iterations of the little engine in them - and not consistently - with 3 different possible ignition systems and 2 carburettors. Working at a parts store whilst wasting time in college in late 70s/early 80s, everyone cringed and ran if we saw one driving up. Naturally, none of the owners knew which engine their car had, nor which distributor, and given the makes demographic, were less than pleasant or understanding when you had the audacity to ask questions to try and give them the right part! Then, when you often needed a build date to determine which piece was correct, they oft melted down... If it was a slow day and you were in a good mood, it was kinda fun to make em run back and forth to the parking lot to get the info off the car... :) [hey, I never said I was nice nor mature...]
However, whilst the wrecked and faded red car could be a Mercury version of the Fairlane - as opposed to the full size shown - I still think its a Ford. First, they were much more common, but mainly because of that 'badge' on the C pillar on the car in the photo; Ford had them on certain /most trim levels and the only Merc that had them to the best of my memory was the 'Brougham'. The 'Montego MX' trim had one I believe but the Mercury version was long and almost rectangular as opposed to round like this poor old battered car's. And most if not all of those had vinyl tops. But its a 'mid size' Ford product either way!

Almost guarantee the bike is a Kawasaki by the engine shape [and relative commonality] and pretty sure its a Mach III. Note the drum brakes. The Tracy custom bodywork stands out to me like a sore thumb, But I shant bore yall with why at the moment.

I LOVE that photo - it says so much and has such 'atmosphere'. I saw it first on an acquaintance's tumblr page years ago, and was inspired to write a blurb for Torqued Up in the UK over it. Really brings up memories and smiles....



Maybe a repeat? Who puts whitewall tires on mags?
...despite having a larger, heavier car not to mention a heavier person.
Look how calm the Mopar guy looks compared to the "I gotta try to look cool" chevy guy and the "I gotta smile, even if it is a nervous smile" ford nerd.
I’ve always noticed the mopar people are the happiest people at car shows. We’re just better :rofl:
I’ve always noticed the mopar people are the happiest people at car shows. We’re just better :rofl:
Years ago, I was told this by Chip Miller, one of the original organizers of Chryslers at Carlisle. He said, although they held weekend shows for other makes of cars, the Mopar guys were the easiest-going and fun group.

Chryslers at Carlisle get some sweethearts doing their portfolio shoots too. She did stop by the FBBO tent.