FOR SALE Prestolite dual point core dist

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    Nov 20, 2009
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    Have a core dual point fits an rb engine missing primary lead vac advance and part number tag. Spins free but unsure of application all I know is it’s rb asking 150 plus shipping would be a cheap alternative to a six pack or hemi distributor with a repro tag

    F94DBE36-9E8E-456A-A68B-91A4D1F58C36.jpeg C5670EE7-5278-49CD-8814-C7FA364044F3.jpeg 6D3FBC4B-9E5E-4637-92A7-10BFB09FF772.jpeg FAA7DB40-8980-41D0-850E-6D652D9B51D8.jpeg
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