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Question: Hood decals - Sixpack Superbee


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Oct 8, 2010
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Tracyville, New Brunswick
On the A12 Superbee, does the letters "SIXPACK" lean forward or backwards on either side, or is there only one decal that is used for both sides of the scoop?
On my car, they are leaning toward the front. I think the way the scoop is made, it looks more natural (and more agressive)that way and most I have seen are are installed that way. BUT,I have a Chrysler promotional poster from 1969 called "Mind Boggler of the Year" and it shows the letters leaning toward the rear.
This has been the subject of many debates over the years, but leaning toward the front seems to be the general consensus. There is a right and a left. Most of the survivor cars that I have personally seen have had them leaning toward the front. Although a buddy of mine has a 19,000 mile survivor that has the left sticker on both sides. A buddy of mine also owns the Mind Boggler car from the ad.

Lots of pics here:
This is how our car is

hood 004b.jpg
Generally speaking I wouldn't think to many people would look to a prostreeter for correctness?
This is how they should bee........

fall 08 4 V2.JPG
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