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Real 6 pack hood?


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Jan 18, 2020
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Basin Wyoming
Is this a real 6 pack hood? It's had some repair but what's an approximate value? Thanks


Pretty rough looking but it also looks exactly like one off a bird. Thats what I had on my X - came off a 69 Six Pak RR in 71. In that kind of shape maybe $200. It's hard to tell regarding cracks and prior repairs etc. The originals were pretty sturdy and resilient for someone that knew how to work with them.
Looks real to me, cause of the green tint to the glass underneath. Let's see a close-up of the latch plates. They don't look correct to me, from what I can see.
I tried to send a PM but your inbox is full. Please send me a PM if you are interested in selling it.
Looks like the real deal. I’ve seen them anywhere from 1200-2500 or more depending on condition. It doesn’t look all that bad to me.
Just my 2 cents ... the originals were not pretty - a crude mold and cranked out as fast as the resin would set up. But they are what they are and there was a limited number and thus the high value of what is otherwise a piece of ****. But many were damaged and while sheet metal can be worked back into shape almost perfectly, the same cannot be said for fiberglass. All repairs will be obvious. And this DRASTICALLY reduces the value.
When I bought my 69 RR last month it came with an AAR brand lift-off hood, which does not have the underhood bracing to mate up to an A12 air cleaner. From what I can determine, none of the big names in the fiberglass hood market make a true reproduction lift-off hood.

There is an outfit listing a repop hood on eBay that looks nice, but I've been reluctant to pull the trigger on it due to quality concerns and lack of legitimate buyer feedback.

If you want to use an A12 air cleaner your options are, to the best of my knowledge, an original hood or the long-discontinued Year One hood. I believe that this is where MarkyMopar's hood derives it's value.
Your mail box is full. Interested in your hood. Air grabber before me. Let me know.