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Real 68 Hemi Roadrunner help

Fun looking car unless the build quality is crap.
3 things drive the value imo:
1. Real J code. Even if very far from OEM at this point, it would still matter to many people if verifiable.
2. Build quality overall
3. Just what elephant is it? Top notch 528"+ with a build sheet from a reputable machine shop or a bunch of random used up parts with a fancy intake and valve covers thrown on it.
I bought one like this last year, old race car. Everyone says that I got a deal, but they don't own it and have not had to go through what I have found with the car. That car looks good, but so did mine at first glance, you don't know till you start working on it. It's like you don't know what the cars paint is like till you wash it. The ooh ahh of the Hemi, 4-speed, it's an old race car, no rust, yeah right!
I've owned a couple '68 Hemi RRs, and did a ground-up on one of them. Saw that car for sale, and it looks clean & cool in photos, but a lot has been changed from stock.
Besides checking for the VIN being RM21J8, it's seen enough mods (as many did) that it's not likely to be returned to original, which is really where the money is. Of course, the seller won't see it that way, but that's the way the market works. I can't see any easy Hemi-spec stuff like the engine harness or 3-speed wiper motor, or the undercarriage items already mentioned, but IF the B-pillar stainless is original to the car, it would be a Decor Group coupe, meaning a mid-model-year SPD...but without a FT or BS, good luck on proof. Bottom line is it comes down to the value of the parts, quality of the build, condition, and what you want to do with the car. In today's market, it's likely to be somewhere around $40K in value depending on that, maybe $50K, from what little I can tell...but if you want to bracket-race it, there's significant value in race mods IF properly done, too.
Ok so I know this is a loaded question. Let's forget the J code and put a value on it as just a Roadrunner/satellite/belvedere. If the car is in great shape , paint wise, body and interior what's ball park value. I'm usually pretty good at it but would like a few opinions this time. Thanks again
Ok let's just say it's not a Hemi car throw that out. What is a safe price to pay for the car if I get it and decide not to keep it. I have a 69 RR with a Hellcat Redeye swap now and would probably sale if I decided to keep it. The 68 is in really nice shape paint is nice as well as interior but no show car obviously. At least the frame has just had the leaf springs moved in and not back halfed. It has not been tubbed either. Obviously it's geared a lot more towards racing the way it is set up. What's a ball park safe price to buy it at . I got an idea as I've bought a lot of Mopars but like others opinions. Thanks.
I said it before but just what the hemi is creates huge variability to me.
Is it used up 1966 castings? Looks like AL heads, does it have aftermarket valve gear, stroked?
Basically, is it a $50-60k hemi or a time bomb with a few nice pieces bolted on top?
So did you inspect the car? I've run Hemis since 1980, quite honestly this car is a LOT cooler than a stock one with limited carburation, too small of camshaft and 6 inch wide tires. For the right price it would be a lot of fun.
Most decent body cars are 30k at least. 25k in restoration, 25k in motor. already up to 80k there.
These days, it's much more than 50K in complete restoration costs.
Yup I didn't mean complete restoration. I have a buddy with 80k into a 68 428CJ mustang and he hasn't even touched the motor or most of the interior.
Ok I'm excited I'm going to look at a 68 Hemi Roadrunner Tuesday. Suppose to be a real Hemi car. I'm pretty sure fender tag is absent and build sheet. The vin is correct for a Hemi Roadrunner J code obviously. What else can I look for besides the vin matching the core support and rear drip rail on trunk gutter. Never owned a Hemi car I'm sure there should be be torque boxes as well plus a Dana. Are the torque boxes just on front of leaf boxes not the back. It has a Dana not sure if it's original or not. It's doubtful it's the original engine as well. There is some talk about it being built by Keith Black back in the day. It's set up for drag racing right now but it's not been back halved still original frame.

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So did you buy it,I see you were on the boards. We all would like to know.
Well I wasn't supposed to buy until this week, possibly tomorrow. Bad thing is the guy doesn't know much details on engine at all he's not a Mopar guy buy any means. It's definitely not a real Hemi car so there's that. I can buy it for 50k if I want. It seems to run really strong no weird noises or smoke but how long has it been together who knows. Bad thing is if I buy this I'll be selling my 69 RR with a Hellcat Redeye . I'm 50/50 on buying it. I don't want to have 2 cars and really don't have storage right now that I like to use. Here's a picture of my 69 RR Redeye swap.

I would have trouble paying that money for a mystery gen II hemi in a Belvidere/satellite.
And the redeye is more than likely going to really embarrass that gen II...
I would have trouble paying that money for a mystery gen II hemi in a Belvidere/satellite.
And the redeye is more than likely going to really embarrass that gen II...
She's is a blast to drive I'll tell ya that.
I prefer the original style Hemi in the other car. On the other hand the orange car is more stockish looking and more importantly you know what you have. Almost always there is time and money to be spent on a new purchase ironing out issues. It's almost always better and cheaper to stick with what you have in my experience.
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