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Rear separation


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Jan 10, 2016
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New Zealand
I am concerned about the amount of rear rise in the car as to how it is effecting the pinion angle, I did fit a camera under the car but I didn't have it set up correct to record. Stock XHD springs with one extra leaf, front clamped, one clamp on the rear, pinion snubber. I have DA shocks, I had the shocks set in the rear at 10C and 12R with the front full loose and 10c. It has 1.03 T bars as it is mostly street driven, no sway bar, I have some lighter bars and could put them in it. 448ci/ 727- 11" converter/8.75-4.10. The car is at 5.30 in this clip
Looked like it was doing what it is supposed to. Up to three inches of rise on lighter rear springs would not be surprising.
What i can not tell is if it was getting off smoothly. No noises? What concerns you?? The pinion angle should stay pretty steady with HD leaves. The front segments are pretty stout.
I am concerned about the pinion rise and the angle it may be exerting on the universal. I am unsure of what is going on under the car, that is why I fitted the camera. From what I have seen of other mopars at my track they don't seem to get that amount of rise but I am unsure of their set ups and their 60's. Some leaf spring cars have stock suspension but are a milder car, some super stock springs and some mono's with caltacs. I have been advised to fit up mono's and caltracs but it hooks up pretty good as it is so I don't see the need for the spend. No odd noises and launches straight. From the clip the front spring section doesn't seem to be getting a bend on it from what I can see.
Do you have the pinion angle 3 or 4 Down.
That is where I would be with that much rise.
I set it up at 3 1/2, I have not re-measured since I have had a few runs at the track to see if anything has changed. It has a slight vibration at around 30 mph since I added a 3 degree shim to bring it down to the 3 1/2. No vibration at the track to 120mph though.
If it doesn't vibrate I wouldn't worry about it. If the car isn't spinning tighten the rebound to calm the seperation.
OK, thanks for the advice, I'm not overly worried.
It does give a couple of revolutions on the wheel depending on the track temp and prep, but mostly it hooks up, It is likely I could get away with a tighter rebound. Would having the lighter T bars allow for a tighter rear?