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Rear side glass


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Apr 30, 2014
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looking for rollers, and the spring type retainers that keep rollers in place. Also need to know if certain ones roll or are simply guides ? I have freed up all but two, looks as if they may not rotate? thanks for any help :)
AMD has the necessary parts, but still would like some info about operation, if I can get pictures would that help ?
have taken both rear side glass units out to clean and prepare for paint. the rollers I wondered about are in fact pressed on, so no rotate only guide..Hope to add a picture > they are the units that have two per long arm guide and have two small rollers that contact the guide, while the roller that is on a swivel ball engages the window track openings..I disassembled completely and the small rollers rotate freely now, but when installed on guide they slide more so than roll.........Normal ? MORE CHARGER INTERIOR 020.jpgMORE CHARGER INTERIOR 021.jpg
Hello, I rebuilt the rollers on my 66 Belvedrere hardtop by drilling out the 2 pop rivets that hold the spring steel hold down to the assembly. After the rivets were removed the "U" shaped spring held the 2 rollers in place and removed the rollers. I cleaned every thing up then used 1,000 grit wet/dry sand paper to polish the mating surfaces of the rollers and the assembly. I did mark the assembly top and bottom, front and back in order to put it back together correctly. NOTE: I used regular pop rivets to assemble the roller/spring steel hold down. I put the head of the rivet thru from the 2 roller side and the shank that the pop rivet gun attaches to goes towards the single roller. Take pictures and or draw a diagram, makes assembly alot easier. I also used white grease to lubricate everything. Good luck, hope this helps. Oh, yeah, all of the rollers roll now, windows work great. RickDSCN8311.jpgDSCN8313.jpgDSCN8315.jpgDSCN8316.jpgDSCN8317.jpgDSCN8318.jpg
I did all that u did, plus I filed the surface that the rollers contacted in the bracket............wire wheeled the track and final polish with steel wool............Thanks for the detailed help and pictures, knowing my memory (oops, lack of) I simply left one assembled till other 3 were done :)............Not looking forward to re-install all the components :-(..........
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