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Removing a 340 Oil Pan - how the heck do you get it off?


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Apr 18, 2016
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I decided I would like to remove the oil pan on my '73 340 car. I planned on replacing the oil pump and pickup tube along with new rear main oil seal. The shop manual makes it sound so easy to get the pan off. However that is not my experience.

I have the pan loose, and free moving, but I can not find any way to get the oil pan to move far enough back that it can drop free of the K member. When I look from the back toward the front, it appears that the pan is hanging up on the windage tray, preventing me from getting it pulled back free of the K member.

The only thing I can see now is to remove the motor mounts and lift the engine. That seems brutally difficult for a simple oil pan removal.

Anyone done this job and have a trick that I am missing? thanks...

You can try to rotate the crank to get the journals to line up right to give you a little extra room to get the pan off?

But I removed the oil pan in my 73 340 RR years ago to do the rear main seal...and I had to remove my engine fan, upper and lower radiator hoses, remove the lower bolt for the motor mounts and then lift the motor up for it to be able to clear the K-member.
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When you lifted the motor, how did you do that? did you lift from below, and if so, where is a good place to lift? I am nervous about lifting under the bell housing, but that appears to be the most accessible...
This was close to 25 years ago now...but I think I most likely hooked a chain up to a couple intake bolts then used an engine picker to lift the motor up.
This was close to 25 years ago now...but I think I most likely hooked a chain up to a couple intake bolts then used an engine picker to lift the motor up.
I did the same thing but used a chain fall instead. Still use them as I don't care for the engine cranes.....
You have to remove your hood then I suspect. ;)
Depends on the vehicle.....but in most cases I was able to use a jack from the bottom while the car was on home made ramps. It didn't take much but taking the hood off wasn't hard either and by myself :D Ya learn how to do stuff like that when there's no help around.
Front lip of the pan is likely hung up on a crank counterweight. Try rotating the crank a bit.
On my SB Duster drag car, I found that spot and marked the balancer.
I could have its big pan off in 20 minutes, including pulling the center link that went through the pan.
It had a tray, but it didn't interfere.
If the OP wants to lift the engine, do it from above, loosen the trans mount & anything that can get stretched/kinked/damaged.
I've pulled a 360 out of a Duster without trans attached and without removing the hood, but it's very tight.
Its almost easier to pull the engine. It also makes it easier to work on the rear main seal.