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Repro armrest pads too hard?


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Dec 7, 2011
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I replaced the front armrest pads in my 70 Charger 15 years ago and the replacement pads were made out of a quite hard rubber-like material. The original pads were much softer iirc (rear pads in car are definitely softer than the repro front pads).

Does any vendor offer correct soft front 13" armrest pads (66-70 B-Body)?

DMT claims that theirs are just like OEM but on the web people complain that supposedly all aftermarket pads are rock hard. Mopar B Body 66-70 Arm Rest Pad Set with Screws 13" BLACK


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i bought a set of fronts from Dante's and they feel like cheap hard plastic. ill look for som OE around a few swap meets . the new ones are junk in my opinion
I did the same recently as my original d.s. pad was splitting at the seams and foam coming out. I bought a set of 4 arm rest pads with new chrome bezels for cheap at a swap meet. Now I know why. Yes, the pads are hard and even wavy looking and are shiny in spots and duller in other spots. The bezels look good though, but the pads do not look very good at all.
I should have actually pulled everything out of the clear packaging that they were all wrapped in first. I probably would not have bought them. However, my original bezels were horrible, so it does look a little better inside.
Few years back I ordered a front pair from year one , they were crap, actually had Styrofoam as the inner pad.
I did not know that until the driver side started coming unglued on the back side and little white beads showed up on the carpet. Lol.
I finally found a good pair of used on flea bay.
Mine look like Great Stuff spray expandable foam sanded to shape and painted black. Lol. Well, maybe not that bad and I know it's not because they are rock hard also.
I contacted the ebay seller but he said that he only has the 9" pads. Unfortunately he didn't answer my question about the manufacturer of the pads.
DMT said that Vans and Classic Industries are the two manufacturers. Anyways the short pads I linked above are kind of unique as they are the only ones with foam.
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