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Scammers on facebook


FBBO Gold Member
FBBO Gold Member
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1:01 PM
Mar 7, 2022
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Just wanted to give a heads up to folks on here it seems like a Peabody group with a large number of members has been taken over by scammers. Mopar EarlyB-Body Cars 62/65. Recently, a new member with a new Facebook page has showed up. Their name is.62/65 B Body Mopar. Obviously, they chose a name similar to the group name to inspire confidence in people. First red flag was when I replied to a posting of a complete front coil over subframe was the way they used the English language. it wasn’t a poor grammar thing. It was as if they had learned English as a second language in a country that was formally a British colony. I know this because I went to school with a lot of these students and even after decades in America in some cases, they still talk just a little bit different. They told me that the part listed was at their shop in Utah, and when I asked for an address to come and take a look at it since it would only be less than days drive they went silent. Every posting they put up looks like it was stolen from someone else’s listing. All the buildings in the background of pictures are different. All the trees and plants that you can see in the background of the listings are from completely different regions of the country. When I put a posting in that group about all of these things within an hour, I was kicked out of the group. All my messages to admin went unanswered. All the reports with admin were ignored. Everything they’re posting for sale is hard to find and always add a too good to pass up price. The one person that left feedback about a purchase with them was for a very small item wise, and size wise. I still have direct messaging with a bunch of members that I warned directly as they had commented on some of the sale posts. To see if they can actually get in touch with any of the admin that haven’t been hacked. These people are relentless and I encourage everyone to stick to their gut if something doesn’t feel right in the slightest don’t get involved in it.
Just checked into it, and reported it to the Mopar scammer page as a warning. Very suspicious content, only one “liker” who has dozens of Dub rims for sale at $3k plus. And no info or background at all. Needs to be shut down completely.
Many of you people that join ANY facebook group needs to know that nothing is fair there, they protect the biggest ********, they are biased against the right and being involved with them is a friggin waste.
You can't support that site in any way or it will continue to grow and screw with more people.
I don’t like Facebook seems to be a lot of misinformation and bums who want to steal I have 0 tolerance for scammers.
Speaking of scammers. We need more like this guy! This vid shows behind the scenes of what takes place and how things can be reversed.

I’m sure FBBO guys appreciate your timely warning. These pieces of **** are everywhere. I know it’s not fb itself doing the scamming in this instance - but I despise that company so greatly I wouldn’t patronize it with someone else’s money. That whole org is a sewer and a great contributor to the corrosion of our culture.
Always look at the "joined date" of the individual, and search their history, as well. Not only on FB, but the various forums these clowns appear on. This weeds out most, if not all, of the scammers. Also, if their last post was four years ago or such, as an example; they've likely stolen a profile of an inactive member.

I found a scammer whose picture had the Denver Civic Center in the background; it's a readily-identifiable feature of the Denver area! I asked him "Hey, since you appear to be from Denver, what is that building in your background pic?" When he replied "It's a building in Denver, why does that matter?", that concluded our discussion. "Bye-bye, scam-boy!"
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