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So Close: This Man Was About To Get Into Heaven But Then St. Peter Heard Him Call Soda 'Pop' And Down The Trapdoor He Goooooes


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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
PEARLY GATES — The late Steve Christiansen, a devout Christian who had filled his mortal days serving others and standing for truth and righteousness, was about to walk through the gates to heaven when an ever-vigilant St. Peter heard him call soda "pop."

With a shake of his head, St. Peter pulled the big red lever and down, down, down the trapdoor went Christiansen.

"That's the fourth 'pop drinker' trying to sneak past me this week alone," said St. Peter while looking at the Heaven-Worthy Questionnaire™ on his holy clipboard. "The fallen state of Man is so great, they know not how fallen they truly are."

St. Peter then called the next in line, one Maria Angelica and ran through the questionnaire to know whether she was worthy to enter Heaven's shimmering gates of eternal splendor:

  • "Name?"
  • "Do you like Jesus?"
  • "Calvinist or Arminian?"
  • "What is your favorite color?"
  • "Is this green with blue stripes or purple with orange stripes?" *hold up dress
  • "What is my favorite color?"
  • "Recite the biblical genealogies by rote."
  • "What do you call this?" *hold up bottle of soda
At publishing time, Maria Angelica had been last seen falling down, down, down...

If I hear someone call a drink a soda I'm like, "What are you from Boston or something?" It's either Coke or pop where I grew up.

Another thing I miss about living in Oklahoma is the chicken gizzards. Every convenience store that has a deli section has fried chicken gizzards. You had better get there before 6:00 pm or they'll be all gone. I've tried getting gizzards made for me here in Colorado but they're not nearly as good.
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I spell it Christensen, and hopefully my cousin Steve is still up there in the pearly gated community, and yes we do call it soda and we are from the suburbs of Boston!
I think you guys are outnumbered!
My uncle was the manager of a Pepsi/7-up factory, (I worked there too, for a short spell) and he always got upset if he heard the term 'pop'. It's not 'POP', he'd say, it's a 'Soft Drink'. :)
you will notice WI is blue, yellow, and green.
That is because we call it whatever we feel like that day if someone asks in a poll.
The real reason for that is because we call them by brand or flavor. If we want a coke it is because we want a Coca Cola. Otherwise we ask for a Pepsi. Or a Dr. Pepper. Or a Mountain Dew. Or a Sun Drop.
I know southerners get hung up on that. If you are in WI and ask for a coke you will either get a Coca Cola or be asked immediatly "Is Pepsi OK?" You have to be more specific!

If you found me in the street to do this poll and asked me "soda or pop" I would give you an odd look and pick whatever sounded best for that particular instance in time, and then go to the local burger joint and order a Dr. Pepper or a Sun Drop. I would ask for an RC cola but you can only get it at a grocery around here because apparently no one wants to have a fountain version in their establishment.
When I was a teen, I visited relatives in Michigan. An uncle worked at Hamtramck plant. My aunt asked me if I wanted a "pop". I thought she wanted to whack me across the head. When I was told it was what we call "soda", I know right then, that everyone outside of Brooklyn was WEIRD. :lol:
"RC" cola ? The guy in post #14 ? Would that be a "frappe" then ? You know, a milkshake that actually has ice cream in it ? :lol:

didn't know they made milk shakes without ice cream...... must be a Baaston thing
Here I always thought Pop was a Southern saying :rolleyes:
Nope!! A coke is a coke no matter what brand it is lol
When it comes to an ice cream drink, I prefer a frappe.
Just so long as you don't call it a frapp a! And down here if you ask for a vanilla 'frapp', you'll get a dumb look and a few seconds later the 'whuuut' will come out.
I always thought that the word "Pop" referred to one's Father and what a Weasel does!!! Soda or Soft Drink for me and absolutely no Coke!!! cr8crshr/Bill:usflag::usflag::usflag: