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Sons 73 Charger Rebuild


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Feb 6, 2022
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York Pa
My son and I have tackled a 84 CUCV Blazer, he's 15, so now we're going after his second car a 73 Charger SE. He bought this one with his pizza shop job he works at after school. Quick story at how we got it was from a fb Market place add In Michigan...I am in York Pa...we struck a deal and he trailered it out a few days later. He gave us all the parts he collected and also the rear quarter steel that needed replaced. We hunted down a drivers front floor pan and rear trunk extension for the drivers side...still hunting the passengers side extension. He cleaned it out and started cutting the rusty drivers floor that needed to be replaced this morning. The new floor pan fits great but we're trying to figure out if the front of the pan is supposed to be bent 90 degrees where it connects with the floor under the pedals?? We have a clean title and decoded the fender tag. We do not have the original 400 that was in this but he did buy a 440 727 out of a 72 Winnebago a few weeks before so we got that covered. We'll probably do a basic rebuild on it and rebuild the trans since it has a parking brake drum on the output shaft...easy fix. This is a nice optioned car with AC PB PS...have to read the seat paper that's fallen apart to see what else is there. So we'll be on here a bunch documenting the process of making this his "fun car" as he puts it. I am a picture poster so if you like those you'll see plenty of them as this progresses.

20220206_160940.jpg 20220206_160742.jpg 20220206_160648.jpg 20220206_160759.jpg 20220206_160648.jpg 20220206_160717.jpg 20220206_160637.jpg 20220206_125131.jpg 20220206_125118.jpg 20220206_125113.jpg
Second set of pictures...one is a pic of the floor pan replacement with the upper edge bent at 90 degrees...not sure if it's supposed t be that way.

20220206_113904.jpg 20220206_113611.jpg 20220206_165941.jpg 20220206_165949.jpg 20220206_170003.jpg
Nice project! Its great to see someone so young into the old cars. He will have the coolest ride in the high school parking lot for sure!
Welcome aboard from NJ. It's good to see younger folks getting into this "lasts a lifetime" hobby. You should be proud of your son!
You just need to drill out the spot welds at the front edge of the floor pan to remove it and plug weld the new pan in.
Welcome! Cool to see a young one grinding away!
Welcome from Alabama, looks to be a great project. Plenty of knowledge here. Glad to see a young person work for what he wants and with an interest in the old iron.
Welcome from Michigan the Motor City! The kid has good taste and he's willing to work for it, win-win in my book! 440'
I Love the '73 SE Chargers with that slotted opera window option. They look fantastic all fixed up. An Absolutely excellent choice! I'll be following along with the re-build. How Fun!
Here's a fun 8 minute video with a father son team rebuilding one in the SAME color combination as yours. Enjoy Your Project!