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    This level is in great condition with a flat base. In fact, if I spray some WD40 on my milling machine table and lay the level on it and let it settle for a few seconds, it actually sticks to the table when I try to pick it up. I got this level in the mid 90's just to level my machines and haven't used it since then. The base is 15" long and each division=.0005" per foot.

    The first 6 pics are of the base from the front and then the back left to right. It does have a company name on it if that matters and there is a back story on that. These levels run around 1500 new.

    350.00 obo

    IMG_20201009_104625973.jpg IMG_20201009_104632353.jpg IMG_20201009_104647595.jpg IMG_20201009_104704479.jpg IMG_20201009_104717973.jpg IMG_20201009_104725688.jpg IMG_20201009_104837749.jpg IMG_20201009_104944199.jpg IMG_20201023_101445278.jpg
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