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Suggestions for repairing back seat tear 71 Charger


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Apr 30, 2023
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I have a tear in the back seat on my 1971 Charger. Otherwise it is in excellent condition. Any suggestions on how to repair to stop the damage? Sew it up with special thread? Patch it up somehow?

I appreciate your input!

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Take the cover off seat frame. Bring it to a good tailor shop. Re-install cover on seat frame.
My bets an upholstery shop is going to tell you the materials are dried out and not workable. They might be able to put a patch on the back side and sew it in.
You can try to fill that void with something like this.

Use a popsicle stick to fill the void.
Then, once dry the seam can be gone over with a black Sharpie to make it less conspicuous.
Don't forget that material is over 50 years old - not a pliable as it once was.
Is it original, or is it an older Legendary cover? I understand that you may not know. I have ordered bulk material to replace a torn panel on a Legendary cover and it matched perfectly. Didn’t have to wait 10 months for the material either. But you may have to look for an upholstery shop who can sew in all the proper pleats and match it all up correctly.
No kind of glue will bond vinyl to crumbling foam.

Best bet is heat patch on the back side.
Many good suggestions--thanks to all of you.
I had one small tear lower corner original rear seat bottom on my 71. Ordered new Legendary covers. Took nine months. Worth the wait. Good luck.
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