Thank you! A big thanks for all the help!!!

JC Boatguy

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Aug 21, 2021
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Just wanted to thank all you guys for the excellent pointers, advice and direction in my effort to put some extra power into my 383.

Here's the project:
71 383 4bbl (was a 2bbl), 355 LS and 727
Added Comp cams XE268H , lifters and Roller chain
Brawler 750 vacume sec
Speedmaster 1.5 Roller Rockers
Remote oil filter
Got a Edelbrock Perf. RPM plus intake (ordered and WAITING!!!)
I even had a bad cam bearing on the first journal, (it was crumbling)
New year one harness (ign, reg, etc)

I performed all this in a cold storage unit, no heat
With tons of advice gotten off the b bodies forum, I was able to make many good decisions about parts to use, not to use etc.
Got it done, I wanted it to run awesome.
It was running very very pig rich. I just didn't want to blame my new carb, but after talking to Holley, they recommended I look at the carb. Ended up the plate in the secondary, behind the bowl was never torqued.
Totally solved the probem.
Now it runs good...all of a sudden a nasty rattling clunking horrifying noise came out of nowhere! I'm thinking all kinds of bad thoughts!
I was going to blame the "cheap roller rockers",
thought the remote filter wrecked a crank bearing, thought the converter blew up.
After a 3rd search of this site the answer became crystal clear.
Another guy posted a video of his 440 doing the EXACT SAME THING! Turns out he had at least 5 people say "check for loose torque converter bolts"...sure as shit that's what I had! A 15 minute fix! Took her out for a nice beat lap, just needs a few more tweeks to be dialed in.
Thanks again for this awesome group of guys who have " been there" and are willing to share their advice. Bravo!