The Good Old Days Of Car Values

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    Nov 14, 2011
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    In the mid to late sixties, you could buy a decent three or four-year-old used car for twelve to fifteen hundred dollars.
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      Feb 25, 2010
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      In 1980, $100. could get you a car that you could actually drive. Not a great or valuable car by any means, but a car that could get you around town as daily transportation. At that time I remember thinking how if I could just make $100. a week I'd have it made.

      In the fall of 1982 I paid $100. for a '68 VW Beetle and drove it as a winter beater. I sold it for $80. the following spring.

      As for valuable cars of the day, I paid $1700. for my '70 GTX in the spring of 1981 - which needed nothing - it was a driving car when I got it. That was my first car and was my daily driver except for when it was in winter storage.

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