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The new guy, and some questions


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Nov 2, 2017
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South Dakota
Hello, Figure i take this first part of the thread to introduce myself. My names Nick, and i've been a car nut for as long as i can remember. I work at a Jeep/Dodge dealership, with plently of mopar nuts around. I've had my share of project and this will be my second restoration (working on the first one still currently). Just recently picked up a 67 Charger on accident while house hunting for my parents. Swung around the backside of a rather large shop to find it sitting all alone behind it. Asked the owner if he'd sell it and got the "more than you can afford pal" treatment. Low and behold i came home with it a week later.

Little info that i do know about the car. The car was originally an Arizona car that someone from Montana had purchased and took there, guy i bought it from got it from there. Best part of it being an original Az. NO RUST! The unfortunate part is the car came without a fender tag, and in a million pieces. Looking on the bright side, i get to learn this car inside and out and without a fender tag im not really held to any strict restoration directions.

The car came with a 440 from a motor home, and a 727, so those will be getting a little love. Plans depend on what the car allows me to do. Car was an original 318 car with column shift, plan is tossing the 440 in her (or depending, i might go newer hemi if the right engine comes along). Im not 100% sure yet what to do with the transmission, i've been a gear banger my whole life and would like to keep it that way with my muscle cars. So might be converting to manual after getting it running.

I'll leave this with what i've wrote as this is getting lengthy, i'll have a million questions along the way as the car is in pieces, and i have no idea how some of this stuff is placed. Looking at pictures online only helps so much. Here's to meeting you guys, and a fun restoration process! Cheers.
Some progress pictures from this weekend. Vaccumed out about 20 lbs of sand, and tons more of other debris. The one picture of the interior floor board is during the cleaning process, that was after hitting it with the vaccum once already. The entire contents of the interior originally was just stacked in a pile, i pulled everything out to document what i had and clean up the interior pieces i have (many duplicates, a lot missing though) The rear seat picture was after cleaning the inside and starting to place things back where they go, to make it seem a little bit more back together.
Welcome to the forum! We will do our best to help you and don't forget to document the build with lots of photos.
welcome and looks like a great project.
Welcome from the north
Since you work at a dealer do they have program to change TPMS values on 2018 Rams
as I am told by local dealer they can on 2017 but not 2018
Love that body style will watch build
I've had a 66 Charger for seven years now. I can tell you from experience that the hardest parts of this car to restore are getting the headlights to rotate properly, getting the electroluminescent lights to work, overhauling the quarter window regulators / rollers and finding rocker panel trim clips (no proper reproductions made).
Welcome from Ohio, have fun.
Looks like a good start. Be prepared this is going to take some time...
Have fun with it.
SCORE! You picked up a nice ride. I would suggest that if you "might" someday put a 4-speed in it that you make sure you rebuild the motor with a crankshaft that is drilled out for the 4-speed pilot bushing. Most automatics (like a motor home) are not drilled. You can get your stock crank drilled out if you find the right machine shop. A drilled crank will work for both automatic + 4-speed.
Welcome from Syracuse, NY. I have owned my 67 Charger now for almost 15 years. I have had it 80% apart and let me tell you they are unique. Saying that let me state it is the BEST car I have ever owned. Most likely a drive for you but a trip to Carlisle with list in hand would be in your favor. In addition to meeting many folks on here. In fact I am taking my 67 this year instead of the 73.
Unfortunately I have sold off most of my spare 67 stuff but still do have some interior parts left over. Mine is whit and most of the spare stuff I have is black.
Feel free to ask questions and I am happy to help in any way I can as many here are.
Now get off the computer and get to work on that baby!!!!
I figure you also know most motorhome 440s were cast cranks and internally balanced.
Brewer's can cover the flywheel if that is the way you go.

Welcome to FBBO from Georgia.
I figure you also know most motorhome 440s were cast cranks and internally balanced.
Brewer's can cover the flywheel if that is the way you go.

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I have a 1973 440 from a Winnebago. It has a steel forged crank, six pack rods, externally balanced and heads with extra cooling passages (never ever overheats).