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The New Guy here - Thanks for the invite to join.


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Feb 28, 2024
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I'm a long time car guy who has owned many classics over the years. I've built kit cars, rebuilt 4x4s, restored several classics of different manufactures, and currently own several cars both complete and project cars.

My senior year in High School I had a 70 Road Runner. Back in the early and mid 70's was a special time for the Muscle Cars. Every kid had something special to drive to school. I sold mine before heading off to the Army. Who knew that these cars would be collectable back then, I didn't. After finishing my tour with the Army, I went to college got my Electrical Engineering Degree and started working for the US Air Force designing and testing aircraft and missile navigation systems. Finished my 34yr career working in the Air Force Metrology Center here in Ohio. Retired a couple of years ago and been busier than ever before. That's the wife's fault, lol.

I've always had a project or two, but lately I have more than any one man needs. Recently added a 70 Road Runner to the collection. It is a start of a restoration done by a fellow in Minnesota and it ended up in my garage to finish. Brings back a lot of memories working on this car. My High School RR was the first car when my wife and I started dating. Well after 3 Kids, 9 Grandkids and 58 years later there's another one for the wife and I to go dating in again.

Look forward to meeting some of you folks as I finish this car.

Old Car Guy - Bob




Greetings Bob! Thanks for sharing your story and photos of that very nice RR . . .

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Welcome from New Zealand.

Fantastic looking car you have there. We really like photos around here so thank you for posting pics of your ride. Feel free to post more.
Welcome, from the middle of the Pacific Ocean
Welcome from up here in The Mitten. I like your handle, LOVE the car. Glad you joined back up with the Mopar ranks, it’s good to have you with us!
Welcome from Southern CA from another Bob.
Great looking RR there, always love Orange.
Looks like a fun project, hope you can find the time with all the grand kids to work on it !!
Maybe they can help Grandpa and Grandma out a little.
Good luck, and thanks for all your service to the USA !!
Welcome aboard and Thank You for your service!

Love the story as well as the pictures. You're gonna love it here.
Welcome from Alabama, great looking RR, I to like orange RR's.
Nice orange 70 RR Bob
thanks for your service in the USAF
welcome to FBBO from NorCal Sierras
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