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Tool Box


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Dec 20, 2023
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Dallas, Texas
So, I keep a ton of tools in my vehicles (cars and bikes). The theory is If I have it, I won’t need it, and if I need it, I’ll have it.
My old repainted 4 drawer craftsman is too tall for my little Belvedere trunk and Snap Ons smallest box is taller than that.

What are y’all running for a road box?
In my older vehicles I carry a tool bag with the basics, a few wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, small hammer, plus some type of lug wrench. In my main pickup I carry an old Craftsman box with a top tray that’s packed full of 99% of all the tools I’ve ever needed to maintain my farming operation.
4 Drawer Toolbox WHAT

Are you changing head gaskets on the road

Anyways , Husky from Home Depot sells some awesome nylon bags for tools
I just carry your simple , enough for mostly ignition and carb

Then you have the typical plastic boxes from Milwaukee - Dewalt - Craftsman - Ryobi/Husky
Tool bag. I do carry a test light and volt meter. I also have some primary wire and enough stuff to build a plug wire.
I too am a bag man. They tend to stay where you put them in the trunk and don’t make any noise. I stuff large towel to lay or kneel on and a few rags on top of tools to help keep everything in place
Packet of chewing gum, a ballpoint pen, a cake mixer, a vacuum cleaner hose and a pipe cleaner.

They call me MacGyver. :lol:
Normally my small tool box carries the following;

3/8" and 1/2" ratchets plus 18V Makita rattle gun
small range of sockets - 3/8" to 3/4" - ring & open combo
two extension bars - for each size
3 x Earls fittings wrenches for fuel line emergencies
Spark plug socket
spark plugs
wheel nut socket
split pins, spare fuses, insulation tape and cable ties
2 x large bottles of drinking water - gets thirsty waiting on the side of the road
small floor jack
Multimeter for diagnosis
Rags and sometimes a pair of overalls for crawling underneath.
Just went through this found a nice kit on Amazon that actually fits under the seat. Not snap on but nice tools to have around

Well I found one of these. Local lady was clearing out a storage unit… so I got it for a song.
I think I’ll make dividers for it. I feel better having everything in its place than banging around.

I'm a bag guy too. Carry one of these small bags for hand tools and 1/4" drive stuff, and a larger one with impact and some 3/8 & 1/2 stuff, hammer, towels, hand cleaner, and assorted parts. I've had that small bag for at least 15 yrs. Use it when I go to the pull-a-part, and even around the house. Handy as a pocket in a shirt. Pick one up at the Depot or order on AMZN for like $24.

Bucket bag.jpg

When I go with the camper I carry one of these in the truck along with my small bag.

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