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Tubes or Tubeless my new Hoosier Bias Ply slicks ?

Mike Gaines

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11:53 AM
Apr 17, 2014
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Ahwahnee, (Fresno) California
Let me know your opinions and what you guys do....
I now have a brand new pair of Hoosier 29" (stiff sidewall) slicks for my 3700lb brick of a car.
They are 11" tread width, 13.2" section width with 92 " rollout (circumference).
I will be mounting them on my 15x10 Weld Wheels.

4.30 Dana 60, 1350 U-Joints, Forged Pinion Yoke and Forged Transmission Slip Yoke, Launching off my transbrake between 3500rpm to 4200rpm (depending).

I have a new pair of tubes also.
I did run tubes in my old M/T ET Streets Bias Ply Slicks, 11.25" tread, 13.2" section width, 88" rollout.
Hoosier says in their specs on this tire that tubes are NOT required.
I feel a little better with tubes....
Who does what ?
Thanks, Mike

Mike: I started three years ago with 28/900X15 Hoosiers. I called they said tubeless so I mounted and screwed to 8'' Welds. No problems and hold air all winter. Since have gone to 30/900X15 Hoosiers same experience. I ran these as low as 8 lbs. when they balled up but still did not lose air. I'm usually at 12 to 14lbs. now. Dave
Also reduces the un-sprung weight and we know how good that is. Dave
No tubes in my slicks.

I do coat the inside with dishwashing liquid to keep air seeping to a minimum
I've never run them. However I'm going to give them a try. Even with 13.5 psi the rim is wound up in the tire for about 30 ft pass the starting line. Big power guys tell me they run them to stiffen the sidewall. We'll see.
I run tubes in the Hoosiers on both my cars. Seem to work fine. I originally went without tubes on the roadrunner but I had one that didn't hold air.
I have never used them without tubes and one side screwed down. Screws were to hold to tire from slipping on the wheel and not to keep beads from coming loose.
The present Hoosiers are tubless and will be getting tubes before being mounted. Darn things will not hold air.
I've been running tubeless. Coated the inside of the slick with 3M adhesive per SS Racer's advice. Made a couple runs then switched sides per Coker's advice. Stayed the same ever since, no screws. 3670# with 1.45 60 ft. 11.5 x 28.5 Phoenix.