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Turn Signal Question... Because I'm stumped!


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1:58 PM
Dec 18, 2022
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Dodson Branch, Tennessee
Good afternoon everyone!

I've been trolling the forum for a while looking for an answer to a problem I'm having with my friend's 66 Belvedere II, but I haven't been able to figure this one out. Figured I'd join and see if someone has an answer...

So, Here's the deal:

Car has been sitting for a while, and needed a lot of electrical components replaced - Headlight switch, turn signal switch, dimmer switch, bulbs, cluster needed to be repaired, etc. I replaced all the cluster bulbs and external lighting bulbs with LED's. Everything lights up, but here's what I'm having trouble with:

After installing the cluster and turn signal switch, I found that the stock flasher wasn't working properly. I can probe the flasher with my DMM and have battery power on the BLACK wire going into the flasher... However, if I probe the RED wire at the flasher I have approximately 7 volts... No turn signal indicators and the bulbs at the turn signals won't light up. Tried a different flasher, same results.

NOW... If I install a solid state flasher for LED's, I have battery voltage to both sides of the flasher, the indicator lights on the dash illuminate, and all the proper bulbs light up.


I have added supplemental grounds in the rear of the car because the grounding at the tail lights was sketchy at best, and the front turn signal housings are mounted in the grill and are metal, and I have Ohmed these at zero ohms on the housing side to the battery, so I am pretty sure they are grounded.

Does anybody have an idea what I might be missing here? My alcohol bill has risen substantially since I took on this project... :drinks::D
LEDs require different flasher to work. Check pin orientation on what you have. Will need two of them