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Two different size bleeder screws,same brake calipers!


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Jul 31, 2008
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Rhode Island
I bought a pair of reconditioned brake calipers from the local Advanced Auto Parts store. They are reconditioned Kelsey Hayes original cores for my 71 Charger R/T. They come in a nice zinc coating with the hardware for $24.00 a piece. I put them on the car,after coating them with high clear to preserve the nice zinc finish and prevent them from rusting. I always put antisieze compound on the threads of the mounting pins and bleeder screws. So I grab a 3/8 inch wrench to remove the bleeder screw on the first caliper and treat the threads. I go over to do the same thing to the second caliper,and my 3/8 inch wrench doesn't fit! The damn bleeder screw was 10 millimeter! Metric screws on an American car! Now I need to use two different wrenches to bleed the brakes!
That's how I brake the old rusty ones loose,but I don't intend on using them again.
Just went through the same with 2 calipers from Rock Auto for my 95 Wrangler. Both were Raybestos rebuilds, one had a 3/8 bleeder the other a tiny 8mm. No problem, I'll just trade it from my stash. WRONG, it was tapped in metric also. I've never seen that before, fu@*$#g metric!
On another side note, the 4 ball joints (Moog) were all stamped MADE IN USA, and worked perfectly.
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