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UHaul or trailer

My wife got a quote in the neighborhood of $12k for 2 16ft. PODS. Would still need another 1 and I’d still need to get a trailer cause those PODS aren’t very tall or wide.
PODS. They'll drop a cargo container at your origin. You fill. Call them, they move and drop at your destination.

You'd be better off buying a 53' trailer and a rig to pull it for less than what they want!
Be careful w pods. We filled one and then they said they didn't go out of state. We ended up paying a month storage fee and unloading the pod at the site. Been a few years, ask a human and be specific. Good luck.
But I’m wondering if I buy a 24 or 28ft enclosed trailer for $16-20k and the wife drives the JGC and I drive our truck and trailer, would we be better off? I plan on selling the trailer when we get there and get a car trailer no matter which size trailer I get.

You mention you are getting a car trailer anyways so why not just buy an enclosed car trailer and move everything with that? Unless you plan on getting an open trailer then IMO its always better recuperating some of your money.
That is what I’m getting. Looking at 24 or 28ft enclosed trailers.
Many trucking firms will bring a semi-trailer to you, you load and pack, and they'll pick up and deliver the trailer to your location. Old Dominion is one I'm aware of that does this. You're renting the trailer for an agreed period of time. They deliver it, haul it and pick it up when you are ready.
I had a thought about this last night in regards to my own situation.....that may be similar here.
Think about this: How many more times do you think you'll move across the country?
I know...that is actually a rhetorical question. I assume that you only plan to do this once. Given that, maybe you should consider that since this isn't going to be a frequent change in your life, just do what you have to do to make it work. If it is a difficult experience, just accept that and get through it.
Good times are temporary just like bad times.
Mary and I have been thinking of a move out of state since 2019. I have truckloads of cars and parts to move and We have 4 dogs that will go with us as well. One of our dogs is a problem child that has to be separated from one of the others. We have dreaded the prospect of transporting 4 dogs across country. I've just accepted that it will be an ordeal and that it is just something we will have to deal with. The upshot is that once it is all over, it is over.
I know that it will be a pisser but you will get through it.
A friend hired a seven-car enclosed auto transport to haul his cars from IL to TX. Cost him roughly $1,300/vehicle, since he had seven. All run, drive and stop. There were two other cars that were in-op that he had to haul himself.
I’m been thinking out loud, that’s why I started this thread. I’m sure I’ll get the UHaul truck/trailer and buy an enclosed trailer to get us there. It is what it is.
You mean rental cars too! Put 4k on one and 5k on vacation. Never thought about interstate trailer, I rent it, have to get permission to go out of state. They're on to me.
From what I remember after renting
my last trailer from U-Haul, they track
their destinations closely due to high
rates of theft.
Keep in mind, you can buy used U-Haul auto transporters (their name for them) direct from U-Haul. You'd have a nice low-deck car hauler that will haul a C-body pretty easily, but with a "bit" of overhang out back.
Good luck, and be safe.
I just think you won't be able to sell a trailer in Texas for what you paid for it in california.
From what I remember after renting
my last trailer from U-Haul, they track
their destinations closely due to high
rates of theft.
I tried to buy a used trailer from U-Haul, they won't sell them, safety concerns.
I’m aware of that. Don’t expect to recoup what I paid for it here, but I’ll get something for it.
I tried to buy a used trailer from U-Haul, they won't sell them, safety concerns.

Their website seems to have got rid of that option. Truck Sales - U-Haul Which is a shame, because their auto transport trailers, especially; really are built like tanks, and last forever. When my son was working for them, they definitely did sell them.
I would look for a box truck that will soon be illegal in california.
As of Jan 1, 2021, you cant register a 2005-2007 commercial diesel in california. As of Jan 1, 2023. you can't register a 2008-2010. I'm guessing there will be a lot ofbox trucks available.
The pics are my 2006 F550, rebuilt 6.0 turbodiesel. 200k miles. Paid $6000. Paid for itself, the first move. At least three more moves coming with it. I just wish diesel was still $1.87


Update……we got a deal for 2 16ft. Pods and I found a 8.5x20ft. trailer in Bakersfield Commiefornia and the wife drove it home.

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