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Upper Control Arm Bushing Collars -Are they needed?

The arm can get loose on the bushing and slide back and forth. There was a cider on one of Joey,s sites. Not sure if it was this one. Kim
The arm can get loose on the bushing and slide back and forth. There was a cider on one of Joey,s sites. Not sure if it was this one. Kim

Just sharing in case it might help someone else thinking of replacing the collars.

This was my solution. I am a retired industrial Studies teacher (shop) and machinist. I do have a lathe. I looked for a section of pipe at the hardware store but no luck. Then I locked at the large nuts and it was perfect because I could chuck the hex nut and it was plated steel. I think it’s a 1” thread nut.

I measured a bushing and bore. Came up with 1.158 diameter to press on with a .002 press fit. The bushings are tapered so I picked a diameter near the CA bore.

I have a set if you need them, been here a long time....Knew i had them just needed to Dig them out....PM me if interested.

Left over parts alot 061.JPG

Left over parts alot 062.JPG
I've rebuilt hundreds of front suspensions,,,and have never put them back on
PLMHEMI, if Road Grabber turns out not to want them then I am interested.

How best to remove the sleeves with the potential to reuse them? Using the Mancini Racing tool I was able to easily remove the 2 UCA bushings without the collars. But no joy when it came to the other 2 with the collars. In theory shouldn't I be able to press the bushings out while the collars are in place? Worst case I know that I can cut them off.
Just a follow-up. I had a local machine shop press out my 2 collared bushings since after multiple attempts with the Mancini tool they would not even budge. Both collars ended up mangled though so I will be looking for a set of original to replace them.
Just a follow up. I did machine the large nuts pictured above and used them. They are installed on the car and don’t interfere with any travel.

They fit perfect and installed without an issue. If someone is in need of these and can’t find the collars I could machine more of them. The nut having a hex shape makes it very easy to chuck in the lathe and is plated.
Glad to hear that they worked out. Ingenious alternative. Appreciate your offer. If I am unable to locate a new set or unable to recondition my originals I might just take you up on your offer.