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FOUND Wanted 73/74 B Body 8 3/4 Housing in Western States

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Sep 6, 2009
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Need a 8 3/4 housing In Cal/NV/AZ but only 73/74 B body
(They are unique width and spring width)
Only need housing but will buy complete if needed.
I have one I pulled out of a 73 Road Runner back in the 80's, used it in a 74 for a while then parted that out. I am just outside of Boise ID. I wouldn't have a clue as to what to ask for it, they are not cheap anymore. I am pretty sure it is a suregrip, probably a 3.23.
This guy on FB seems to have a spare axle. Actually the entire car plus parts seems like a reasonable deal. I have been tempted to pull the trigger but I have too much crap already. Good luck. (listed as 72, but appears to all be 73-74).

1972 Dodge Charger
Have you tried a 70-72 c body rear end? I understand they are a direct bolt in for 71-74 B body.
Somebody correct me if im wrong?
70/71 C body Fury

67/69 Imperials are a 1/2 inch narrow and would
be close enough with a spool.

We split the case on our ROADRUNNER stocker / broke
the main caps off / locked it up and twisted the housing
like a pretzel.

I put in a Truck case Dana 60 but now need to change the
8 3/4 several times a day to test different ratios.
I am too old and slow to change the Dana 60 gears in 15/20 Minutes
like we can on 8 3/4 center sections.
I am a little outside of your target area, up by Seattle, so I didn't respond.
Got an iso mount, and a 71 rear end , from a wagon, so an inch wider.
Do you have an axle flange (drum face to face) measurement to work off of?

This has gone on so long that a width might help.
I got the springs off the differential. Both drums came off easy. Still has material on the shoes so inside of drums look good, I did not measure them. All springs and brake parts look good. Right axle seal is wet. It is a 489 case.


I turned it several times and it came out to 3 1/4 turns so it is a 3.23 ratio. I checked the turning torque on the sure grip and it is 10 ft lbs to break it loose, holding the pinion with a pipe wrench. I believe that is the cone type specs, correct me if I'm wrong.

You would get everything in the picture, drum to drum (well except the chain and the tractor). Both brake cables are free, pull easily. Pinion snubber also, brake lines all look good, vent is good. Rubber line is junk though. Whole thing is $1000. If other members think I'm way out of line on price I might be negotiable, I don't really have to sell it.

You can use a 9.25 from anything B body later then your car also, all the way up to 78 Magnum/Cordoba/Monaco/Fury. Maybe some 79 cars.
The 8.25 and 9.25 are direct swaps, even driveshaft length. 8.75 will need a different driveshaft, but will also bolt in for the correct years, as above.
You can find a 3.23 in a 9.25 also. Or, if you find the housing, you can replace the carrier with whatever you want because they kept making the 9.25 for a long time so modern traction solutions will bolt in along with about any gear ratio you like.
I bought a 8.75 for my Monaco with correct ratio, and then found a 9.25 about a month later with the 323 sure grip, which is actually the correct axle for my police Monaco(78). I am too far away in WI for what you are after or I would offer you the 8.75 if you want it.
Good luck! Both of these axles are not super common, the 8.75 because they only made it for like two years early on and the 9.25 because decades of indifference about the mid 70's cars makes them scarce. People have stuff tucked away though, I am sure one will pop up.
I am temporary removing the Dana 60 for the 8 3/4 for
the ease of changing the gear ratio between rounds of testing
the same day.
I have around 20 different spooled rear ends and suregrips rear ends for
the 8 3/4 housing. The integral housing are much more difficult
to change gear ratios at the track.
I have been told that the 71 and 72 B Body rear ends will work fine.
The spring pads are different but I will replace them anyway.
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