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What do I need to get to upgrade to a "modern" Saginaw Power Steering Pump


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Aug 3, 2016
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So I just got my Vintage Air "sure fit" AC kit for my 67 Coronet and reading through the instructions. Seems it is only a 'sure fit' if you have a "modern Saginaw" power steering pump. Otherwise you can order a TRW bracket that clearly states it won't work with a Federal pump. Well, what if you happen to have the Federal pump? (see my picture I believe this is a Federal pump) I've emailed Vintage Air to ask, but I bet I know the answer...............get a "modern Saginaw" pump.

So, not sure where to start looking for a "modern Saginaw" pump. Do I just take a stab and go to O'Reillys and get a power steering pump for a 2001 Impala and hope for the best? Will I now need a custom power steering high pressure hose?

I see Borgeson has Mopar kits for Saginaw pumps, but that is almost $300 and includes a bracket I do not need as the Vintage Air kit has these brackets.

So, any advice or brainstorming is appreciated here. You guys know that I can only turn a wrench when it comes to skills, so fabrication is out of the question.


why the requiremnt to change pumps?

I would think the pulley is in same alignment with the crank pulley. Regardless of style
why the requiremnt to change pumps?

I would think the pulley is in same alignment with the crank pulley. Regardless of style
The compressor mounting kit has brackets for the power steering pump that bolt to the front of the pump (like a modern Saginaw). The Federal pump on my car has two side bolts that mount to the bracket that is not compatible with the compressor mount.

Maybe buy this and get a pump for a late model Impala?
This is interesting because I'm going to be putting power steering on a 512 soon. Keep us updated.
Post a pic of this compressor bracket that also mounts the PWR steering pump
I can't see your picture but my first thought is modify the bracket to work.
I just finished the VA installation on Dwayne's 68 Plymouth with a Saginaw. The pump and brackets were the same as I have on my '70 Charger. They are from a mid 70s big block, nothing exotic at all. Then there are THESE aluminum brackets...

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