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Where To Run A Return Line -'71 Charger 383 Car, 1/71 Build Date


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Mar 26, 2017
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I'm wanting to run a return line from a WIX 33040 fuel filter ( 5/16in-out 1/4 return). 71 Charger, 383 car. I know they had a mid year change around April 71 to which I believe they added a return from then on. My build date is Jan of 71 so I'll safely assume it's not so in my case. Where could I run one? Anyone have a FSM diagram of the fuel system I could bother them to upload to look at? I have the manual on CD but, my PC just took a **** and I'm SOL... Thanks in advance!
Typically they run parallel to the feed line, through the crossmember and back along the rocker to the tank.
You should be able to find retaining clips that will hold both feed and return lines from any vendor that sells fuel lines. They will go into te same hole that your single line clip went into. I bought a handful from (I think) Classic (everyone's favorite LOL) a few years back.
383 cars never had a 1/4" return line but 440 cars had one that ran next to the 3/8" supply line all the way back to the tank.
Right.... regardless it was much easier to just order a 3/8 sending unit with a return, parts mix had stainless units on sale for $39, no brainer
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