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    Oct 25, 2011
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    On the '69 Coronet, is there a way to tell which front passenger side brake line is needed. One set goes over the frame, and the other brake line goes under the frame?
    When I bought the car, the line was spliced and made to fit.

    I bought the under the frame line from In-Line Tube, and it seems like it would work OK if the tab on the frame for the brake hose was lower. I was able to re-bend the line a bit around the lower part of the frame to raise the connection and make it work. Just wondering if I have the wrong brake line, or if the line was bent wrong to start with?
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    Aug 3, 2016
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    I replaced all of my brake lines with Inline tube. Fitment was fair to great depending on the line. The firewall and rear differential lines were perfect, but the line front to rear was really off. Almost too short and the bends on the back were way off. Took lots of finesse to make it work.
    Be advised to inspect the double flares closely. I had a brake bleeding nightmare due to two poor double flares, and ended up making a new line myself to get the brakes to bleed properly.
    Not a fan of InLine tube.
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