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Which wheels are you running with Wilwood 12" rotors?


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May 4, 2015
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Chester, NY
Hi All,
I want to install the Wilwood 12" brake package on my Charger (part# 140-15648D).
I'm currently running 15" Cragar D window wheels and the, according to Wilwoods data sheet, they won't fit inside the wheel.
I'd like to run 15" steel rims of some sort but I can't seem to find any that will clear the calipers.
They need 7.06" from the center of the rotor hat to the inside of the wheel.

I know I have 2 other options
1 - get 16" wheels. I'd really like to stick with 15" as I think it looks best on the car
2 - get the smaller 11" brake package (140-15465D). They cost the same as the 12" and I'd rather go biggest I can reasonably fit.

So the question goes out to the group, if you're running the 12" Wilwood brakes, what wheels are you using?

You need, according to the schematic, 4 inches from the caliper to the face of the rim (where the rim sits against the hub). You should measure what you have now, if you got the 4 inches, it’s doable. If not, a small spacer could work to get that distance. Remember, the 15’s were used with the Mopar 11.75 rotor combination and those are pretty bulky.
The measurement that is causing be issue is the distance between the hoop of the wheel and the caliper.
As per the diagram it needs 7.06 inches from the center of the wheel measured from the face of the rotor.
The design of my wheels necks the hoop down where the mounting surface attaches (if that makes sense)
I ended up after 2 sets of steelies, going to a 17 Magnum. I too wanted the stock look and the 15 was never going to work. So, sent them back and ordered some 17 steel ( OEM style for 67) thinking these would surely fit. And these also had to be returned due to the conical shape of wheel between hoop and center( I think this is what your describing)
I have heard the “cop style” wheels will work as they were originally intended for the 11 Mopar discs, but at this point I was done with shipping wheels back and forth.
Perhaps I can find some custom steelies for next winter project….
Ok, so I bit the bullet and bought the 11" kit and now I'm kicking myself.
I could have easily fit the 12" kit. The measurements that Wilwood provides aren't very accurate.
I have easily 3/4" clearance between the caliper and the wheel.
I'm seriously considering calling Summit and seeing if I can swap kits
The hub bore on the Wilwood brakes are 3.1, or 83.82. Something else that will cause wheel fitment issues.
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