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Who can identify this instrument?

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Oct 16, 2014
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Salisbury, Vermont
Also what it does, or is used for...To be clear, I don't know what it is either...lol.

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The two cylinders say it is for measuring volume or pressure and the many adjustable scales say it is a testing device or calibration device. That's as far as I have gotten.
Have not seen one of those in years.
A precision instrument to measure the angle of the dangle....
Something for a hopty chopter?
Looks like a device to level a washing machine.
Precisely - measures the angle of entry into a pothole on the freeway, and also the dimensions of the hole.....enabling the calculation of the accurate number of washing machines required for the road-crew to repair the road.
You guys crack me up. That is the prototype kill switch for the 2026 Teslas. It has been standard equipment on the SpaceX rockets since the 2022 model year but has gotten little press. Surprised you didn't know that.
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