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Will factory style front disc brakes fit inside factory 14" wheels?


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Dec 3, 2020
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western Maryland
My new '70 Charger 500 has factory 14's with all four hubcaps (survivor car)...but it's a 4 wheel manual drum brake car. I'm considering putting on factory-style power front discs. If I do that, will I likely have to change to 15's, or do disc brakes fit inside 14's? The brakes aren't as bad as I expected for normal driving, but there isn't a whole lot of stopping power in reserve if needed...and I really do like the hubcaps, for the survivor factor... I'm not looking at anything like Hotchkiss, or Baer, or Brembo...just the factory-style conversion kits, for safety's sake.

I just got the car, and they'll be throwing salt on the roads soon so it'll be in the garage for a few months. Plenty of stuff to do with it before show season!
Factory disc brakes will but conversions won't.
I believe there are more performance oriented drum brake shoes available. Another option would be a power booster.
If you use brake parts from an A body, not sure about a B body, but if you use C body parts, the rotors are too big for 14" wheels.
The basic Dr Diff conversion kit works great with your original 14 wheels. Send Dr Diff a email and he can tell you what you need.
IIRC, there were two sizes of disks. 10 and 11 inch. My 71 rr has front disks and 14" ralley wheels. When I got the car, it was missing a caliper and found that the ones from an 80s Fifth Avenue bolted right up with no issues. You might want to look at that option as well.
P.S. I think mine are the 10" disk. It's been a while since I measured them.
Factory 10.75" brakes will clear 14" wheels but "11 inch" will not.

I have 10.75 from an M body and they clear 14" steelies and rallyes.
Good options to know!
All excellent information, thanks fellas! Gives me some more things to dig up!

As expensive as these grilles are, I certainly don't want to hit anything! :)
Factory disc brakes will but conversions won't.

There are conversion kits that use the existing drum spindle and fit behind 14" wheels. I have a kit like this on my car - stops great. PST sell the kit, LEED Brakes are the supplier.
I was looking at the drum-spindle conversion kits. What's the fitment for pads, are they something common? Rotors? I like the conversion idea, but I don't want to convert myself into something I can't get maintenance parts for!
I asked the question previously and this was the response from LEED Brakes:

The brake pads and rotors can be purchased at any parts store. The brake pads have an FMSI number of D11 which is from a 1964-67 Mustang GT as well as some A Body Mopars from that era. The rotors are also 1965-67 Ford Mustang GT rotors the only difference is that we remove the inner race and install a spacer behind it to fit your spindle properly. If you do replace the rotors with an off the shelf rotor you would have to remove the inner race and add the spacer from your old rotors. Additionally we do stock all the replacement components here if you do need them.
The Dr Diff kit is Aspen Volare. Parts at any Orielly. No modifications required.