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WIW 1970 Coronet R/T clone


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3:58 PM
Feb 15, 2015
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Chilliwack, BC
Hi I am looking for some help. I am going to look at a 1970 Coronet R/T cloned from a 318 car. 440-6, auto w/reverse valve body and upgraded shifter, 8 3/4 rear w/3:73, new interior, according to the seller the body is “good enough for a show and shine but not perfect”. I won’t get to see the car until Tuesday. Any opinions on what this might be worth? TIA
Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures other than pics that show the shiny parts under the front and and the shiny new fuel tank
I looked the car over yesterday. This is under passenger side rocker panel. I have never seen this before where the metal in behind is that much longer. I’m not a body man and no idea why it would be like this

Otherwise the car looks decent. The trunk has a piece of metal welded in as a patch panel also a few holes in one of the trunk extensions. I didn’t find any other major rust.


I see you're just down the street from me, so its CDN dollars.

Hard to judge by a couple pics to give an opinion, but, it's a 318 car, and always will be at least on paper.

Upgrades cost money. But how well it's been done is an unknown. Driver quality paint. Engine unknown vintage & quality.

Let's say it is done mechanically well, and it's a solid runner with a nice interior. My estimate would be $25K-$28K. Hagerty values a '70 Coronet with a 318 in #3 quality @ $16.2K CDN. Throw in $10-12K for the upgrades.

Just my opinion only.
I appreciate your input Don. It is a 318 car and yes a #3….. seems very difficult to find any decent mopar for 28k nowadays.
I think at 21K US you'd be doing really quite well.
Try and build that car.

You may not enjoy the full reverse manual though, it's not for everyone.
Any B Body Mopar under 30 grand is far from perfect.
I appreciate your input Don. It is a 318 car and yes a #3….. seems very difficult to find any decent mopar for 28k nowadays.

Also depends on your budget. You didn't say what they were asking for the Coronet.

Seen a few decent cars on Kijiji and FB Marketplace that don't break the bank, but aren't the desirable '68-'70's either. Remember, summer is over, selling season is upon us.

One other thing with clones to consider, the meat stick VIN# & fender tag queens that will constantly hover around your car to remind you of everything that's incorrect.