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WTB WTB DC/MP P4120960 Hemi Heads or Mopar Performance P5153875 Hemi Heads - will buy one or a pair

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Aug 15, 2022
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Murphy NC
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My preference far and away is the P4120960 head as offered by Direct Connection. I'd take a single head but I prefer a pair.

Failing that I will consider a P5153875 pair of heads.

Given the age of P4120960 heads, they almost always are o-ringed and are ported and it's a wonder if they don't have an atavism like sodium filled valves or those heavy valves whose material escapes me. If they are stock and never been used(ha!) - I'll buy 'em and then head to the closest place with lotto tickets.

I am in far western NC- as far as you can go- 28903 zip code.

I can provide my particulars in any pm's
I guess you have a P4120960 and want another to make a pair. There was a reasonably priced, bare NOS pair on Racing Junk, I believe, last month. I don't think they had seats and guides either. By the time you got them complete you would have 27 million dollars in them and I'm sure they wouldn't run as good as a $3,300 pair of Edelbrocks. But a man wants what he wants.
At one point in time I owned that set of heads on racing. When I sold them the only thing wrong with them was Inconel valves. I never ran them as dual plugs- I always relieved the dome for flame travel.

No real interest in Edelbrock's. Thank you, come again. Auf wiedersehen.

Anyone with P4120960's or P5153875, please let me know.
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