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WTB WTB Roadrunner

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Dec 14, 2013
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Hwy alll, I'm looking to buy a roadrunner. I'm after a 71-72 or a 75 roadrunner. Must be in great shape and not rust (I live in Texas so rust is a...well... no, no.) and able to do some work depending on the car. A deal breaker for me is that the car MUST have a center console and/or shifter on the floor. I'm really after a bucket seat and console car. I'm pretty flexible on color and options but the console and a rust free body are my "need to haves." I'll pay (I do have cash) for cars in great condition. I also have a very (very good) condition 1991 Corvette ZR1, dark red, lack interior in super great condition to throw into mix. thanks!
Search Alabama on Craigslist. There was a 75 Gran Fury Roadrunner 400-4bbl on Craigslist for a good while. It was not a rusty car, I have a 1975 Coronet and a 1977 Cordoba and the guy came by to see if there was anything he wanted off of either before I sent them to the great scrapyard in the deep, deep south(nothing with fine Corinthian leather is entering Mopar Valhalla).

It was a legit Gran Fury with the Road Runner package, it was around Centre GA aka Centre AL- big lake there and part is in Georgia and part is in Alabama.
Gran Fury is a C body car ( I drive a 2 door Gran Fury 1977 as my daily). Small Fury was used for RR option ( I have a 75) and they did come with 400 4 Bbl as option. The Gran Fury/small Fury is just confusing in my book. Was there a name shortage??
Thanks Guys- good suggestions. In the past I have had 2 1971s and 2 1975 roadrunners. I've also had a bunch of 69-73 Chargers in the mix. I'll keep my eyes open.
In 1975 they still coded it as a Roadrunner- RM21 was this one's code- I remember being surprised. I just always identify that generation as the "Cordoba Years", sad to say if I see a 1975 Coronet, I think "Cordoba", if I see a Chrysler Cordoba I think of Star Trek II: The Wraith of Khan that Nicnac and the Man with the Golden Gun, same for the Charger and Magnum.

It was a legit Roadrunner, silver with the roof stripe. Not my cup of tea, but I'm mad as a hatter when it comes right down to it.
not rust free but is a true 75 roadrunner with buckets and console rm21g they are out there


This one is for sale in TX -
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