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  1. rolling_Thunder

    USCT K frame mod

    Glad TTI got their **** together. I bought their headers back in 2008 and used their motor mount adapters and they interfered with each other.... So I had to heat and dent my new expensive headers... oh well. Any reason you don't want to just swap to a mid sump pan? Holley makes a...
  2. rolling_Thunder

    Gen III Hemi engine builds

    Not sure if there is an existing thread for proven engine builds concerning the Gen III Hemi but figure it would be a decent resource as there is nowhere near the information out there compared to say, LS engines. I am currently building two Gen IIIs Engine 1 - Stock 6.1L Hemi that has been in...
  3. rolling_Thunder

    What is your experience with G3H products from Holley?

    Well I ordered one of the Holley intake manifolds from a vendor months ago and it still hasn't shipped... The Holley mid sump cast oil pan will NOT clear ARP main studs....
  4. rolling_Thunder

    65-65 B Body Pedals

    Look to be
  5. rolling_Thunder


    The TKX utilies a newly designed case which gives a more rounded appearance compared to the older blocky case used in the TKO family. I believe they made a couple internal improvements but the biggest difference is the case... the more rounded case was designed to make it fit a bit easier...
  6. rolling_Thunder

    1964 dodge polara horn ring

    1964 Polara would have the full horn ring - the 330 and 440 models got the partial ring per the factory information https://www.hamtramck-historical.com/images/dealerships/DealershipDataBook/1964/64_Dodge_Styling_Models0007.jpg
  7. rolling_Thunder

    FOR SALE 1963 Factory Bellhousing 361/383

    Listing a 1963 factory BB bellhousing for sale - Casting number 2406293 which is factory correct for 361/383 engines with a 10.5" clutch and A-833 4-speed transmission. Part is located in Torrance, CA 90745 Asking $600 OBO + Shipping
  8. rolling_Thunder

    FOR SALE BB Mopar to T-56 Scattershield

    I have a RM-8073 scattershield for a BBM to T-56 application. I used it for mock up and decided to go different route. I have misplaced the bolts (of course) Photo is a stock photo - I can dig it out of the shed and take more pictures this weekend but just putting feelers out New = ~$1010.00...
  9. rolling_Thunder

    EMS upgrade

    I think Holley takes the cake as far as affordability and overall support... plenty of tuners know their way around the Holley software. I ended up going with an MS3X system as a learning experience - if I had to do it again I would have just gone with Holley and called it a day.
  10. rolling_Thunder

    6.4 based 426

    What do you want to know? I am researching a 7.0L build utilizing a 6.1L block --- slightly smaller bore than the 6.4L but everything else is similar... stroker kit for the 6.1L uses a 4.080" stroke while the 6.4L uses a 4.050" crank... In short - you'd just order a stroker kit for the...
  11. rolling_Thunder

    SOLD Parting out some of my 1964 Dodge Polara 2dr and 4dr

    Driver' side quarter panel "J" trim for the 2 door?
  12. rolling_Thunder

    Tapered axle upgrade??

    I was in the same boat with my 64 - ended up scoring a complete 8.75 (housing, axles, drum brakes, empty 742 case) out of a 1970 Charger for $200 -- I already had a 3.91SG pumpkin so I plan on just swapping the entire assembly in when my body comes back from paint shop. Also to answer your...
  13. rolling_Thunder

    Most cost effective transmission build for 600 or 700hp turbo drag car

    5.7L hemis can be found for relatively affordable prices - even the 2009+ Eagle headed ones. For Transmission you can go with a built 727 with no OD to keep the price down - or you could even go with a dime-a-dozen GM 4L80E and have a huge aftermarket support and electronically controlled. While...
  14. rolling_Thunder

    '68-'70 Decor Coupe B-pillar mldgs

    Not much help but I needed some for my old 68 RR Coupe and I ended up buying some at the Spring Fling swap meet for like $75 back in 2011 I did a quick look as well and didn't find any currently listed. Usually when I find things that are not very common it is "use your best judgement" on...
  15. rolling_Thunder

    Begging for attention

    Nice! I ended up with the 9.3 compression so if I decide to ditch the blower it wouldn't be a complete slug.
  16. rolling_Thunder

    Begging for attention

    Second Keyway = Check Scattershield = Check - will be running a factory bellhousing with the 4bbl setup but have a scattershield for when the blower goes on.
  17. rolling_Thunder

    Begging for attention

    Same with my Polara... which is why I will most likely just leave it off - cant bring myself to cut a rust free hood
  18. rolling_Thunder

    Begging for attention

    The compression ratio comes out to right at 9.33 and I plan on running a mild 6-8psi... so I have a pulley set up for about 7.27% overdrive to start - should be an anemic 5-6 psi but I can always go up from there.
  19. rolling_Thunder

    Begging for attention

    Well guys I fail to make much progress on my 64 Polara - mostly due to the Russian thing, the Job thing, Corona thing... Anyway - Finally getting some small progress - got the 440 together and some induction mocked up. This was a 1969 440 block, forged crank, forged pistons, and nothing...
  20. rolling_Thunder

    Contemplating a new engine conversion

    Originally swapped my 6.1L into my 68 Charger back in 2008... things have come a long way since then. Getting the engine physically in the car is a bolt in affair - if you want you can go the "old" route and run a A518 or a TF727 with Gear Vendors... Or run the modern trans... or...