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Gen III Hemi engine builds


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Jul 19, 2008
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Not sure if there is an existing thread for proven engine builds concerning the Gen III Hemi but figure it would be a decent resource as there is nowhere near the information out there compared to say, LS engines. I am currently building two Gen IIIs

Engine 1 - Stock 6.1L Hemi that has been in my 68 Charger since 2008. Running an LS throttle Body and used to test and fit everything way back before there was aftermarket support for the Gen III hemi swaps. TTI headers fit like crap and required clearancing. Engine is currently bolted up to a older Tremec TKO 5-speed swap.

Engine 2 - This engine was to just utilize some parts I have laying around and to see what cross application for parts could be done. Essentially this engine is a stock 6.1L rebuild but I scored a complete set of Hellcat piston and rod assemblies. I wanted a spare short block that could accept some boost - so the factory hellcat stuff dropped compression to 9.5:1 but utilizing a 0.027" thick head gasket brings it to 9.75:1 - it is currently assembled but has not been dyno tested.

Block: 6.1L Hemi 05037388AB
Stroke: 3.58" (Stock 6.1L Hemi)
Bore: 4.090" (+0.035)
Pistons: 9.5:1 Compression (Factory Hellcat)
Rods: 6.20" (Factory Hellcat)
Camshaft: Factory 6.1L
Timing Set: Factory 6.1L / 5.7L
Lifters: Factory hydraulic roller
Cylinder Heads: Factory 6.1L
Head Gasket: Cometic 0.027" compressed
Rocker Arms: Factory Gen III
Pushrods: Factory 6.1L / 5.7L

Engine 3 - 426ci Build - This is the final engine I plan on for my Charger... will be the 8th engine total so I am finally going "all out" so I never have to do another swap - I ended up using a 6.1L block instead of the BGE block because of the more simplistic lack of a VVT system - the downside of this is the lack of camshaft availability and the obvious VVT - However, I had scored the block for $100 so significantly cheaper than a BGE block (and the VVT style camshaft timing components) which has kept the cost of this build down significantly when combined with some shopping around. When this engine goes in it will be joined with a built Tremec T56.

Block: 6.1L Hemi 05037388AB
Stroke: 4.080" Manley 4340 (192000)
Bore: 4.080" (+0.025")
Pistons: CP Racing 10.75:1 Compression
Rods: 6.125" Molnar DH6125NLB-T8-A
Main Bolts: ARP Main Studs
Camshaft: Comp HRT Stage II (112-337-11)
Timing Set: Factory 6.1L / 5.7L
Lifters: Factory Hydraulic Roller
Cylinder Heads: Factory 6.2L Hellcat 53010753AB (Drilled for 5.7/6.1/6.4 Intake pattern)
Head Bolts: APR Head Studs
Head Gasket: Cometic 0.080" compressed
Rocker Arms: Factory Gen III
Pushrods: 11/32"
Oil Pan: Hellcat Hemi swap Pan (Holley)
Timing Cover: Factory Hellcat 68165888AE
Water Pump: Factory Hellcat 68268052AA
Oil Pump: Factory Hellcat 68195993AD
Induction: Factory Hellcat Supercharger 68373302AH
6.1 block stroked to 426 Molnar crank and rods Mahle pistons

Eagle heads ported

10.9.1 compression

Cam is 239/251 583/583. 112+2 centerline

Prefix intake and a 950 carb

Msd ignition

Assault water pump

ATI balancer


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