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Completely lost on fender tag!!!


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Jul 19, 2008
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So I like to think I am pretty well versed on fender tags - but I am at a complete loss on this car (1969 Coronet 500)

Special order paint "99 99" on fender tag and I am assuming it is butterscotch based on some paint chips under the red repaint.

The confusing part is V39... denoting "special order convertible top" --- does anyone have ANY clue on this as I have only seen black or white tops and this one is throwing me for a loop and I can not find any reference to it anywhere online.


Could it be Y39 sales bank?

Kinda odd with spec order paint.
Sometimes the top codes aren't properly accounted for? Like a white top car was also a white convert top car ,if it was a convert
Could it be Y39 sales bank?

Kinda odd with spec order paint.
I mean it looks like a "V" to me - plus it is a convertible so it would need some code for the top on the fender tag. I looked over on fender tag decoders and they do list V39 as a "special order convertible top" - I would just have no idea what that means - different top material? different color? I looked elsewhere in factory literature and only see white and black tops available across the mopar line up so I was curious if anyone here knew anything about it.
Y39 is special order, not sales bank. This would make sense with the custom paint color and top.

And comparing to a tag of mine, it appears to be a Y as opposed to a V.
So, special order car with special order paint, but not special order top?
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