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  1. JetCoronet

    Brake assembly help needed

    Everything is apart, yes. Its just the upper wishbone and the spindle. When the spindle gives itll fall in the floor, but it just wont give.
  2. JetCoronet

    Brake assembly help needed

    What is this kit? Do you have a link?
  3. JetCoronet

    Brake assembly help needed

    Im going to try this tomorrow. This seems like a winner. My wife told me to quit for the day though. Blood pressure is too high lol. I needed to replace the boot before i started, so thats not really the issue, the issue is the two pieces have been together since 1969.
  4. JetCoronet

    Brake assembly help needed

    Quick post. How TF do these come apart?
  5. JetCoronet

    What kind of manuals are yall running in early LA 318's?

    I only say the TKX because ive seen an adapter bell for it.
  6. JetCoronet

    What kind of manuals are yall running in early LA 318's?

    Im more or less just seeing how wide the waters are. Of course i know A833's are good. How about Ford TKX's? Saginaws? Any bell adapters yall like? Just getting some ideas going for my 69 Coronet 4 door. It wont be any serious trophy winner but i want to have fun in it. Matching numbers do not...
  7. New-To-Me Project car

    New-To-Me Project car

    As far as I know, shes completely stock as of now. Its been sitting under my neighbors carport for at least as long as I've lived in this neighborhood. I recently traded my bassboat (with my wife's approval, believe it or not) for it. As of now, 4-16-2024, there is no headliner, the front seat...
  8. JetCoronet

    FOUND Front brake hub

    Im looking for a front drum hub for a 10" drum. '69 Coronet 440. Or if anyone knows an OEM replacement that would be even better. Hmu, let me know. Thanks!
  9. JetCoronet

    Brake Hub and Drum Replacement Help Needed

    And you know this for a fact? Have you used them? Ive run through like 5 different studs and nothing is working for me yet. I havent tried these yet, youre sure theyre not too short? The stud holes in my hub measure .630, these say .650. Is that too different. This has been stressing me out.
  10. JetCoronet

    Replacement wheel studs help.

    Ive tried like 5 different kinds of studs so far on my Coronet and nothing works. If its long enough then the splines are wrong. If the splines are right, the whole stud is like 3/4 of an inch long(no joke i have one like that) What studs have yall used to replace the factory ones? My vision...
  11. JetCoronet

    Hello from North Georgia, USA.

    I just got my hands on a 1969 Coronet 440 sedan. My plans arent any big restorations, i plan to build her out some, see what i can do on a budget. She runs clean and smooth. The paint is ugly as sin but no body damage or rust. Anyone got any advice or suggestions, send them my way. I grew up...
  12. JetCoronet

    Holley 4 barrel in stock '69 318

    Disclaimer, im fairly new here. Ive got a bone stock '69 Coronet. What kind of adapter would yall recommend to put a Holley 4 barrel carb on the stock intake? Ill change the intake later on but for now.