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  1. fesser

    Intake and Carb question for 69 charger 440 R/T

    In reply to a similar question here... SOLD - Edelbrock 440 Aluminum Intake I compared a CH4B to an M1 intake. The 4B seems to be about 3/8" taller. The test wasn't exactly scientific as nothing was actually sitting on the engine. The intake that I am calling an M1 shows "Mopar" with a part...
  2. fesser

    What did you do to your Mopar today?

    Got caught by my wife sanding on the hood of the 67 GTX when I was supposed to be sanding the sub box on the pontoon boat. I explained that I had to wear out the sandpaper that was already on the sander before I could switch the paper to the proper grit for the speaker box. Not sure if she...
  3. fesser

    FOR SALE 1969 440 HP AVS carb

    Tried to message you but your message box is full.
  4. fesser

    Has anybody used the Eastwood Contour Sct sander?

    I have one. It definitely has its uses. I can't say I am impressed with it as much as I expected to be though. Watching their sales pitch video it works like magic. I haven't been able to replicate their paint stripping success in real life and I have a variety of drums for it. A friend...
  5. fesser

    What a mess - 67 bucket seat

    Those came out nice.
  6. fesser

    Hey Kerndog!!

    How are you going to haul parts hordes back in that little red car?
  7. fesser

    What was ( is ) your CB handle ?

    I was Bo Peep. At our hunting club we had a lot of old timers that liked to name people on the CB. After one hunt I went over the side of a steep mountain because I heard one of our dogs barking at the bottom and was sure he had something going on. No one else was willing to go into the brush...
  8. fesser

    Chargers for sale by crack addicts

    They could both use a little forward rake in my most humble opinion. So much work went into them and they look like they are hauling a couple of sacks of concrete in the trunk.
  9. fesser

    Beware of this Scammer

    Worse yet, he is trying to scam you with Chevys!
  10. fesser

    K member, engine and tranny stand

    I think the most common way is by using the bumper bracket mounting points on the frame rail. Don’t know what you would get to take the weight with the bumper on.
  11. fesser

    How do I get this pulley off my alternator?

    Good to know. Thanks.
  12. fesser

    How do I get this pulley off my alternator?

    I apologize to TT from NH if this is a hijacking. I never saw one of these but since I am going to need to pull a p.s. pulley and since it is only 14 bucks, I went ahead and ordered one. Thanks for the info.
  13. fesser

    up early?...... or up late?

    Out here your neighbors would just assume you were a tweaker with those work habits. Of course out here they’d probably be right. Also, when you use meth instead of coffee you mostly just stay up all night taking apart old tv’s and computers and not working on Mopars.
  14. fesser

    1968-70 standard dash gauge faceplate paint

    First time I have seen your thread. Incredible! Will be reading the whole thing soon.
  15. fesser

    1967 GTX owners, lets see them!

    Far too many beautiful cars on here. I am going to remedy that in a big way... Ta Da!!! For those with keen eyes, this is the car that Super Bee Ski was selling for his deceased friend's family. Super nice guy. Offered to let me stay in his spare house and to share dinner and beverages so...
  16. fesser

    The Meme not a Meme Thread Part DEUX

    Wait! Are you saying I should cash out my retirement and buy that gold 68 Hemi Coronet?
  17. fesser

    What is the going rate for a 68 these days?

    Probably not an attractive offer but, I would give my left you know what for that car. Beautiful.