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    Racers Hangout people do not read this, it's no longer being raced!

    I altered our 66 Plymouth Satellite again. Car is headed for the "street" so we (Rebecca and I) can get more use out of it. Wanted to add a self-learning fuel injection set up. But between all the stuff I would have to do and what I wanted to spend; I decided not to. It's a 10-30 @ 127-129MPH...
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    What to bring to a car show?

    We ( Rebecca & I )of course bring the car! We do not bring a tent or canopy. Drinks, snacks, etc. are brought. Our walking shoes are also brought to see the other car, trucks, and bikes. Theses are all standard things that come with us. HOWEVER: We have added a place to have the young...
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    Want to add Vacuum advance!!!

    Info attached is basic "stuff" about the engine. Have a 1050 Dominator ( model 8896) NO vacuum ports. Really want to go to fuel injection - BUT - did new windows and roof on house so: Figure I can make it more "street able" by adding vacuum advance. Have MSD; 6AL box, Blaster coil, and Billet...
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    Speedo gears WHERE ?

    where is everyone going for speedometer driven gears? Older 727 ( but TCI modified). Looking for both ( for 4.10 gear ratio) 28 inch tire - 36 tooth ( called long I believe) red think O.E. number was 2538936. and will someday change to 30 inch tall - 39 tooth Green - 2538939. I have just started...
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    Amp Gauge to Volts ?

    I have heard there are places that do it. Car only came w/ 50 to 60 amp alt. Have added a larger one , 90 amps. But if I want to use there electric water pump and aux. radiator fans, they showed it near pegged with the other draws the car needs. So went back to mechanical stuff. Making it more...